Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Long time, no verbal abuse

Well, well, well. Have I got some stories for you guys. Ok. Not really. But here's an update. My dad came and went. He was a huge help and Sam and I are grateful. He helped us get a handle on the wiring and the cabinets are pretty much installed. I say pretty much because we had a little glitch with a smashed cabinet and are waiting for it to be reordered and shipped from Seattle before we can call it finished. For the amount of cash that Sam and I forked over for these cabinets (Visa. It's everywhere you want to be. And where you don't want to be like, oh I don't know, IN DEBT!) , you'd think they would at least be a tad careful when shipping. But no, of course not. Several cabinets were damaged but we managed to glue and nail and 'humpty dumpty' them back together again. This one however looked like someone took a sledge to it so we have to wait for a new one. We're moving this weekend and are desperately looking for help. So for those folks here in Fairbanks c'mon over to Goldhill on Saturday morning! I mean it. I know where you all live. This isn't a threat but if you don't show up, well, let's just say, I have a lot of dog poop and some paper bags...and a lighter...get it?

So, the rough wiring is in and I went to Home Cheapo (I gave up trying to find anything at Blowes) the other day and bought lights (and a fridge...Visa. It's everywhere...never mind)
I got another dog (I now have eight). Her name is Hazel and she's a two-year-old wild child. I actually named her my first summer here in Alaska back in '04. I ran her this spring and she's turning into a nice little leader. The Quest plot thickens. I now have five Quest-eligible dogs. Anyway, that's about it for now.



Anonymous said...

Can I come hang out with Hazel again tonight. I am GOING to make her like me. It's my new misson in life

AKbushbaby said...

Absolutely. Of course, she might warm up to you a little better if you stop pinching her.

Anonymous said...

Sam, what's the big goddamn thing on the back of your pick up truck? Where you gonna put the boats?

AKbushbaby said...

Ok. First of all, this blog is called 'a girl and her dogs.' Any comments or questions directed to Sam can go to his email. Second, our boats will go on this truck in the summer. Get it? Summer: canoe-hauling truck. Winter: dog-hauling truck. Third, comments are better read when they accompany the post for which the comment is intended. Thanks for playing.