Thursday, October 12, 2006

Immigration interview in the women's washroom

Not really. So. Here's the story:
Once upon a time, as in Tuesday, Sam and I went to our highly anticipated immigration interview. For those living under a rock, I am a (proud) Canuck and Sam and I have been working toward getting me a green card so I can live and work here legally. (A musher friend who works for the FBI was the one millionth person to tell me I'm crazy to go from Canada to here, congrats Bruce, but anyway...) In said interview they ask personal questions about your relationship to make sure that it's legitimate. We were warned that it could take two hours and that they could ask anything. We were even told by our immigration lawyer that the INS officer could spontaneously phone friends and family during said interview for verification. Even though Sam and I had nothing to worry about, I was still freaking out a little. We made sure we knew each other's family history, favourites, pet name it. I was scrambling the day before to get photos together of Sam and I looking all happy and in love. "I said SMILE, dammit!" (Sidebar: The only picture that was in focus of our one-and-only river trip this summer was of Sam in the back of the canoe pretending to hit me with the paddle, but we still took with us to show that 'see we like to joke around, too.' At least I hope he was joking.)
So we get to the courthouse about 30 minutes before our interview. We were a little too early so we sat in the truck for a while festering about what was to come. After about 10 minutes we leisurely made our way up to the third floor and starting looking for room 314. We found in a minute or so. It was the women's bathroom. WRONG COURTHOUSE!!!
Holy crap. Run, run, run down the stairs, out the door, to the truck. Drive like mad to get the 12 blocks (luckily it was only 12 blocks away) to the FEDERAL courthouse. Go through security. Wait for Sam to take everything but the kitchen sink out of his freakin' pockets to go through the metal detector...he really does jam those pockets FULL. Up to the third floor where the woman was waiting in the hall for us. We still had about a minute to spare and she was very nice. Then the interview began.
Her: "How did you meet?"
Me: "Uh, we met in 2001. I was a journalist in Whitehorse and Sam works for the paper here and we were covering the same assignment."
Then she asked me a whole flurry of good ones like: "Are you a terrorist, communist, nazi, felon?..etc etc
After about five was over!
FIVE MINUTES. All that worry for five minutes. We showed her a few pictures from the wedding, the family visit, building the cabin and that was it. I should have my green card in a few weeks. Crazy.
I've been running dogs every other day and the young ones have really caught on quickly. There are no more tangles, no more fights, no more chewed harnesses or lines. Life is good. Today it was snowing like crazy which had the dogs very excited. When I got back to town (about 10 miles away) it was sunny and dry; no snow, no rain. The sled dog vortex had me again.

Bull and Sister are my two best leaders and I'm looking forward to increasing the distance next week to see what they can do.
Still finishing up details on the cabin. (We're still cooking on a camp stove and have no phone.) But all is well in Fairbanks.


AKbushbaby said...

I choose f)all of the above and then some

KD said...

congrats ya big skank.
i knew we wanted to get rid of you... but who knew someone else actually wanted to take you in?!??!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill,

I am a friend of the fine men, Mr. Busey and Mr. Hagen. I saw yur blog on Bob's site and like your mushing blogs (I am a novice musher). Just saw your INS thing...I had my interview in February and got the same answer as you did..."you will have your green card in a few weeks"...guess what...still don't have it...they are awaiting my name clearance from FBI and that's this point FBI most likely lost it! Hope you have better luck!


AKbushbaby said...

February, eh? Hmm. Well, all I can do is hope for the best. (I can also whine and make empty threats, which of course I have been and will continue to do.)Have you phoned them? Are you a felon? Maybe they haven't issued it to you because you're friends with Busey and Hagen. Just a guess. Well good luck, maybe we can commiserate sometime. I got fingerprinted today. It was only mildly creepy.

Anonymous said...

Hahahah. I love the thought of you getting fingerprinted like a common thug.
See you this weekend, turkey purse in tow. gobblegobble.
the marge

Anonymous said...

fingerprinted eh? . . . gosh were you nervous? I hope you weren't all thumbs!! a-ha-ha-hah-ha.