Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Shoe lace... tripped you again

The scene of the latest accident? Me, an axe, a pile of put it together...

Was it a prank I was trying to play on friend John by squirting ketchup all over the snow beside the chopping block?
(Evil laugh)
It actually didn't work. John looked at the 'bloody mess', looked at me and asked 'why is there ketchup all over the ground?'
Foiled again.
Now there's ketchup all over everything.
Spent the day canoodling the dogs and doing some chores around the cabin. One of which was chopping wood, which I love. I didn't chop anything off, don't worry. It's really nice to work outside on these nice, cold, sunny days. I gave the dogs their second dose of worm medicine today. It must taste awful as I had to wrestle them to ground and pry their mouths open to squirt in the thick, yellow liquid. The puppies (Sneaky Pete and Parker), which, let's face it, are a little weird, loved it. They kept snatching the syringe out of my hand and trying to get at the bottle. They really couldn't get enough. Finally at the end I let them lick the syringe clean, kind of like a kid licks the spinners when mum's baking a cake.
This weekend is the big sled dog symposium put on each year by the Alaska Dog Mushers' Association. (I'm a new member, thank you very much) The weekend involves mushers off all ranks, from Iditarod and Yukon Quest champions to novices speaking about everything and anything mushing. There will also be several vet and doggy physical therapy workshops. Should be fun.
Saw a funny bumper sticker today. It said: 'Keep honking, I'm reloading.' Made me laugh all the way home. Gotta love Alaska.
Will run dogs tomorrow despite having tweaked my back. The last training session was a tough one. With the new snow (not enough to actually bring out the sled, however) the four-wheeler is really hard to control. I got stuck a couple times and ended up having to push and pull (and swear) the contraption free. The second time I got stuck, I was off the four-wheeler trying to pull it loose. As soon as the dogs felt it move, they took off. Long story short, I ended up holding on to one handle bar, running beside the four-wheeler and doing to flying leap to get back on. If the Dukes of Hazard rode on ATVs, that is definitely how they would get on them.
Tomorrow I will take a less treacherous route to save my back...and my pride.

Ruffles and Raven (mother and daughter) crammed into one house. Too cute.

The Sneaky One with worm medicine on his face.

Raven and Ruffles with brother Strider looking on in the house next door.
The new kitchen. So much room, not enough stuff to fill all those cabinets.A peace crane garland that friend Becky made for the wedding party now hangs in a downstairs window.

The cabin as it looks today.

From the front.

The dogs' new Astrodome.


Anonymous said...

Great pics, I want to see the view from the upper deck, please. Back to the chopping of the finger; it would be really wierd if you were preparing a chicken ceasar salad when your mishap happened. Than, the theme of stubby fingers would take on a whole new element.

Anonymous said...

whsen someone said you were going to have matching stubbies, thats not what i thought they meant...

AKbushbaby said...

Well, peepee, why don't you endulge and tell everyone what you thought they meant. Dirty pig.

Anonymous said...