Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cut the pumpkin cheesecake

So, as a diversion from the craziness of the last post and all the comments, I'm adding a new post. I really don't have much to say. Hmmm. Oh! The election. Republican Sarah Palin is Alaska's new governor. We were all disappointed and honestly a little shocked around here. Sigh. Another God fearing, pro-lifer is in the driver's seat. Incumbent republican Don Young retained his seat in the US congress. It's funny, his radio ads were obviously supposed to bolster his campaign but if I could vote here, I would have voted for his opponent partly because of his ads. They were meant to slam her but did just the opposite for many. They went something like 'Diane Benson ran for governor as a Green party candidate. She's for gay marriage and the decriminalization of marijuana AND she's opposed to drilling in ANWR and wants an immediate pull-out of troops in Iraq...'
I just have to laugh because the first time I heard the ad I thought 'she sounds great! Sign me up.'
But no. Not to be. She did get around 40 per cent of the votes, which is pretty encouraging.
And because the democrats now have control of the house and the senate, the focus on drilling in ANWR will now be dialed down a bit. The caribou will live on... for a while anyway.
Most people here want to drill in the refuge. I read the other day that in the 80s Chevron drilled a test well in ANWR (on the sly) and came up with nothing. That's the thing. They're going to destroy, not only the diverse ecosystem that is ANWR, but the porcupine caribou herds that use ANWR as not only a home but a calving ground and they don't even know how much oil is there if any. The caribou will be wiped out and the way of life for the Gwitchin people of Old Crow, Yukon, will also be destroyed. Anyway, now I'm in a mood so I better go.
Here are pictures of Bull and one of the newest cabinet installed. Yes, those are cookies on the counter. Margaret made them and I was determined to eat the whole batch, but I got to number 4 and now feel sick.


Anonymous said...

Well said Jill. We all live on this continent call North America which makes us all American?

AKbushbaby said...

I don't think I said that, but whatever. Call me whatever you want, just not late for dinner. Actually don't call me Eddie either. We're all brothers and sisters on this crazy planet called earth. Anyone buyin' it? No? Ok.

Anonymous said...

The kitchen cabinets look great. The perfectionist must be happy after he finally listened to his wife.

On another note, I am a visual person and when you described yourself using the Nick Nolte picture as a canvas, it was too much for my brain to handle. The hardest part was imagining Nick with tiny boobs. YIKES!!

Anonymous said...

Hey. Did you get somthing exciting in the mail Friday? And make moose stew to boot?

AKbushbaby said...

Yes. I did make moose stew and it was damn good. Biscuits too. On Friday...I got...a...letter!!! A letter that says my permanent resident status was accepted. That means...I'm legal. The actual green card is in the mail. The letter was very official and very scary and we all had a good laugh. Now I can cross the border back into Canuckland. Yea! Whitehorse here I come. Gawd. I hope they don't use the same picture.

KD said...

i look forward to seeing it!!!