Saturday, November 25, 2006

Think of this girl before you change your name

The reason I love it here:
I got in my truck this morning and flipped on the radio. The announcer said "It's minus 35 out there folks, so if you're heading to the pond hockey game on Chadburn Lake, you might want to pick up an extra double-double."
I laughed all the way to Tim Horton's.


Anonymous said...

Me too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jill...So I also sent your blog spot to Tyler Verheul who was asking about you...Here is his
I hope all is well. My Mom got her Kidney!! Yipppeeeee!! So the town of Brockville will be seeing her again very shortly...RUNNING RUNNING RUNNING!!! Jumbo Nieves!
Take Care!

Anonymous said...

Are you home yet? Are you home yet?! mf