Friday, March 09, 2007

Free land in the last frontier

Thinking of moving to Alaska? On the run from the law? Looking for rogue moose, hungry grizzlies and ravenous coyotes in your backyard? Well, come to Anderson! For free! Sort of. The village of Anderson, Alaska, located between the towns of Nenana and Healy (about 70 or so miles from Fairbanks on the Parks Highway) is giving away 26, 1.3-acre lots. It's a first-come, first-served thing with applications being accepted at 9a.m. on March 19. Applicants must dole out $500, but will get it back. The only stipulation is that if you get a plot of land, you have to build at least a 1,000-sq.ft dwelling within two years. The parcels already have electricity and phone hooked up. I got a call from the Associated Press yesterday, which is doing a big story on this and they need me to head down to Anderson to take photos of the people involved. The idea actually came from a group of students at the local school. They presented their idea of this land give-a-way to the city council that accepted it and will proceed to try and bolster the population of Anderson by giving away property to whoever. Crazy. So I'm heading there on Sunday and maybe Monday as well to photograph the teacher and some of his students. I talked to them on the phone this morning and they are so excited, which always makes my job a lot easier. I also picked up three photo assignments for the Chicago Tribune, one of which I've already done and two for next week. I was so excited that I ordered a couple of new articles of clothing online this morning. Yea!
For more info about the Anderson land, check out the village's website at
Here are a couple of photos of Anderson from my Denali Park trip this fall with Meg and John. Denali's about an hour down the road from Anderson.

This could be you walking in front of the diddlin' bear sign in Anderson.

City Hall. I was actually taking a pic of the News-Miner box because Meg's 'goin' to iraq' photo was on the front. It was actually about a year too late, but whad'ya's Anderson! Oh Anderson, will you ever change? No. That's the great thing about it. It can only get better if (insert your name here) gets a piece of land and moves there.

Random dudes on a scooter in Anderson. This could be you! Look how much fun they're having. Weeeeee!

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