Saturday, March 17, 2007

I'll call ya, baby, I promise

Poor little Parker is lovesick. And also kind of a slut.
I don't want to get too graphic here, but the little dear has come into her first heat and Strider (who is neutered but still horny) jump her virgin bones as soon as she'd stand still long enough to let him on. Now, a day later, she's all over him and he's giving her the cold shoulder. She tries to get into his house and follows him around and he completely ignores her. It's funny and sad at the same time.
Parker: "But, Strider, you said you loved me."
Strider: "What's your name again? Yeah, I'll call you."
Ahhh, brings back memories, doesn't it girls?
In other dog news, I took Raven and Gus in to get spayed and neutered, respectively. Raven didn't do so well. It turns out she has an immunity to the anesthetic and she woke up in the middle of having her uterus removed. The two vets who were there, and are really amazing, gave her a little more drugs but soon they had given her as much as was safely possible but Raven wouldn't stay under. Needless to say it was traumatic for all involved. I tried to comfort my screaming dog who was paralyzed but could feel everything that was going on. The vets worked quickly to get the operation finished but were visibly shaken as was I. (I couldn't stop crying.) That has never happened to them before, they said. Raven is fine now, she's hopped up on pain pills and is living in the house and loving it. Bull, on the other hand, doesn't like having to share the couch but he's coping. The only funny thing about this is that Gus was huddled in the corner watching the hearing everything that was going on with Raven and was obviously reluctant to let any of us near him. Of course, removing the balls is a much faster, easier process and Gus was running around shortly after we got home. On the drive home, however, they were both knocked out cold and laying on top of each other which was actually kind of cute.
Anyway, here's a pic of Raven all messed up on pain pills and hopefully not remembering anything that happened.


KD said...

i keep trying to have danny neutered, but he refuses to go to the vet with me.

AKbushbaby said...

Keep trying. Don't give up. Just tell him he'll feel a little prick and then he'll get a lollipop. Wait, does this mean you don't want any lil' ones? I would have definitely pegged you for a breeder, Kel.

KD said...

I get that a lot. I think its the hips. Good birthing hips, a guy once told me. I hit him.
And, yes, we do want kids. I just think its funny to see him wimper and hide behind the couch when i say the word vet. Plus, we only have the cat carrier, and he doesn't really fit. I'm not sure how i'd get him there.