Sunday, March 18, 2007

Oh Buddy, will you ever change?

Today we had our annual tailgate party for the Open North American Championship. It's a three-day dog sled race that draws mushers from hither and yon to sprint around the trails here. It's pretty exciting and on the final day we get food and beer and park ourselves in a nice spot to watch the teams go out and back. Buddy Steeper from Ft. Nelson, BC, won it this year. CANADA!!! YEAAAAHHHH! Suck on that one Egil Ellis! So, here are some photos I took from the day. Fun was had by all. I have to leave for Anderson at 3 a.m. tomorrow for this land giveaway thing, so I'm going to bed.

On the run. These are dogs on the go, people.
Team on the slough.
A steep downhill corner that teams have been known to biff it at. This guy stayed on.

Erin and Becky laughing at me.Sam watching teams from the bridge. The ever-quiet presence from above. Sam has three letters, god has three letters...can't be a coincidence.

Eric and Becky watching the teams go by.

Greg, JJ and Steve.
Shorty after the race, a woman came by with her two huskies and her pet poodle. They only went few hundred feet but the freakin' poodle was totally into it. Crazy.

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