Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lance is loosening my grip on Bobby Orr

I can only hope that '07 Iditarod AND Yukon Quest champ Lance Mackey remembers the little folk in Fairbanks. I like to think that he would consider me a friend and not just a groupie or an annoying reporter. He did, after all, come to our wedding party this summer. And he, his wife Tonya, and their kids came to our Christmas Eve bonfire and tied one on. I've told him to F-off twice.

Ken Anderson, who I've told to F-off many, many more times than that, came in seventh. They both had great races despite horrid conditions.

Last night I shot one of my assignments for the Tribune. It was an event at the annual conference of the...World Clown Association. Jesus. Creepy? Yes. Actually, it was beyond creepy because I went there expecting the clowns to be all in-my-face-I'm-an-annoying-clown. But instead they were very subdued. A restrained clown is ultra-creepy.

I had another assignment this morning which didn’t go as well, so we won’t talk about it.

We ran out of heating fuel last night. It’s still 30 below here at night. Now the oil stove it broken. I chopped some wood today and started a fire. The wood stove is also kind of wonky. Water is gushing from the chimney as I type this. Cold or watery, those are my choices. I chose water. I waited as long as I could before starting a fire because I know it does this non-stop-drip thing, but then I started to lose dexterity in my fingers because they were so cold, so it was time to light the match. I guess this might be what you call roughing it: no heat and dial-up internet. Sigh. Life goes on, albeit at a cold, slow pace. It might even be the makin’s of a country song. No heat, no high speed…I just need my dogs to run away and voila!


Here’s a pic of Libby interviewing clowns dressed as woman last night. Did I mention it was creepy?


KD said...

now - i dont like to swear - but holy crap thats creepy!

Anonymous said...

Please remove those pictures. Please. Pleeeeease. PLEASE! They're giving me nightmares. I'm not kidding. I'm boycotting your blog until those clowns are gone.

Anonymous said...

What up people? Clowns are AWESOME! I love the clowns! They love me and they love you and they love fun and happiness (and sometimes cross-dressing). They gave me this cool-aid drink when I interviewed them... and ever since I've seen the world through rosey oversized clown glasses. You should all join me in realizing that clowns rock! (especially cross dressed ones) lc

Anonymous said...

I agree with mf.
I'll take jokers to the right any day .... now get rid of the clowns - they are too scary to be cool.

AKbushbaby said...

The clowns are here to stay. They are the wave of the future. I guess I know what I'll be doing to mf's computer as soon as she leaves on Friday. NEW DESKTOP! Which do you like better; cross-dressing, bi-curious clown or creepy in-your-face man's man clown? Maybe I'll make your desktop a wall paper of many different clowns. booohooowhaaahahaahaa (evil laugh)

Anonymous said...

You clown my computer and I'll frog yours, you amphibian-hating copy editor.
Rubbit, Rubbit.
I can't believe the npr reporter took your side.

laura said...

Did you see the article on today about Anderson? I wonder if you wrote it!

AKbushbaby said...

No, but that's the story I shot the photos for. The AP is sending me back on Monday to photograph the actual giveaway. I guess people from all over the place have come to get free land in Alaska. Should be fun except that I have to be in Anderson at 5 a.m. and it's about two hours away. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

lance over bobby anyday jillian, altho i'm curious what he did to earn a couple eff offs... i don't want to even think about those clowns....lovin the blog.

dave c in whitehorse