Saturday, April 14, 2007

"I get an aggressive-hippy vibe from him"

Says Libby about a guy to pushed her microphone away like it was infected with the plague a couple years ago.
So today I took a walk with Libs and Theresa and it was like HenFest '07. We came back here to the cabin and we couldn't talk fast enough. And then there was the laughing, stories, shrieking, gossip, dancing and, the piece de resistance, the game of Butt Quarters. Theresa won and I have pictures...see below. For those who don't know, which I didn't before Theresa demonstrated, Butt Quarters is a game that entails squeezing a quarter between your (clothed) cheeks and try to hobble over to a glass on the floor and then try to drop the coin into the glass by simply unclenching. Yes, we're classy broads. Just three journalists playing Butt Quarters. What?
Try it and I guarantee you'll laugh yourself into a fit. It is, of course, better with another person or several people. Sam could hear us shrieking outside. Butt Quarters came up because we were talking about a guy, who is sort of jerk sometimes (who isn't?), whom I actually kind of find amusing. I'm not naming names, here, but he's an ex-musher, ragamuffin with an attitude. Like I said, I find him rather amusing. So, anyway, we were talking about him and Theresa said that he showed her this game called Butt Quarters. I was immediately disgusted until I tried it. So, what are you waiting for? Get a quarter (or loonie) and get clenchin'.
It was a fun day and I haven't laughed that much in long, long time. Thanks girls.
On a more sombre note, Bully took off this morning and hasn't come home yet. He's done this before, so I'm not that worried yet. Or at least putting on a brave face for now. We've walked around calling him and called the pound but nothing yet. I put a message out on the ADMA list serve and hopefully that'll get posted soon. Again, I'm not freaking out yet. He's a wanderer and I know this. For those in the Fairbanks area who read this, he's brown with a purple Taiga collar on. He's chipped but has no tags and lives on Farmer's Loop across from the big Bethel Church. Half his right ear is missing but obviously healed. (it happened in a fight, you should see the other guy!) Anyway, I'll you posted. I'm not letting myself go to a bad place right now. Must stay positive....
Peace.Libby taking her best shot.

Libby's first attempt. Close.

Theresa squeezing one out with Libby cheering her on. Man, we need to get lives, eh?

Oh. My. God. She did it! It's Butt-Quarter-Hole-In-One!!!

And look how insanely happy she is. Sorry sweetie, but you do look a little crazy. In a good way. Believe me, if I could do it, I would be this happy too.


Anonymous said...

If you played Butt-Quarter with a Canadian Loonie, would it give you change in US or CDN funds?!?!?

Keep us posted when Bully comes wandering back ...and don't worry - it's spring and he's off doing what dogs do in spring - investigating the neighborhood.

DJeremy said...

Now that IS classy!