Monday, April 02, 2007

We were dead before the ship even sank

Babe, I'm back again. I returned from Seattle yesterday and it's good to be home in AK. I have to say, however, that I had a fantastic time in Seattle. I was supposed to come back here on Thursday but after a pitcher or two of beer, Lisa and Aaron convinced me to shirk all responsibility at home and stay for an extra two days to go snowboarding in the Cascades at Stevens Pass. Well, it didn't take much to convince me seeing as I haven't been on a snowboard in two freakin' years! Or, for that matter, outside the North in over a year. (When it's bluebird in AK I tend to run the dogs instead of going snowboarding...they want to get out, too.) So, we drove to what these folks call a 'cabin' (it's actually a huge scribed-log home with all the amenities, including a hot tub and pool table) on Friday night and rode most of the day on Saturday. I was a little nervous because of the long gap of time since I last stood at the top of a mountain strapped to my purple Ride. BUT, it was amazing and, ahem, I only fell a couple times and none were serious JACs (Johnny Ass-Crackers). In fact, one fall was not my fault at all. A guy cut me off and actually ran over my board with his skis getting off the lift which sent me to the ground in a hurry. Skiers, pffft. We returned to Seattle on Saturday night as I had to fly out at 6 a.m. yesterday.
So, here I am back in the last frontier and I have a boatload of work to do. Plus, I want to get the dogs out as much as possible before the snow goes away. Luckily we've only had two days above freezing this spring so there is still lots of the white stuff.
Oh yeah, Ruffles may (big maybe here) be having pups. She's really, really old, so I'm not getting my hopes up. If she is knocked up (she and Wylie got it on about five minutes after I got home.) she'll have her litter on the first weekend in June. We'll see. If she does, I'm naming the first one which pees on the floor, Trisha. Other names are Ray-Ray, Big Turk, Simon FitzGerald or Shaneequa Jackson. Oh yeah, Jumbo Nieves is also up there...I'm sure she'd run pretty fast.


Anonymous said...

You should name the perspective the cast of "The Office." Dwight, Big Tuna (or Jim), Pam, Michael Scott, Angela and Toby. JH

Anonymous said...

Hey little cousin, I like your blog. Seattle is a kick ass town, when I used to live in Vancouver, some friends and I would head to Seattle for pub crawls every once and a while. Crazy times but lots of fun! The street creatures there can be downright scarry!

BTW, The house looks great, I really like the floors.