Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Together, we are ambidexterious

So, break up has been mild so far this year. That is to say, with the low snow and gradual increase in temperatures, spring, or break up as we call it, isn't as mucky as usual. The mercury did, however, take a little dip last night and now the slush has become ice...I've biffed it twice in the driveway already today. It's kind of a crappy time of year because there's not enough snow to do anything and yet it's still too wet for hiking. We might join Eric, Becky and JJ next weekend for a canoe trip on the Delta Clearwater River but it might be too soon yet as the converging Tanana River is still iced up. Usually our first float trip is a short one on the Chena River through town. It's a slow, mellow day that ends with us parking our crafts at the Boatel, a local watering hole, for a beer. The Chena should be ice-free soon enough to do that one. I just realized today that the articles I'm working on are not, in fact, due this Friday but next. I've been working on one about Dawson City and it has really made me miss the Yukon, Dawson especially.
Our plan for the summer is to take lots of float trips, as we only got the canoe out once last summer (building a cabin sucks up a paddling season mighty quick). So far we have a couple weekend trips on the Upper Chena and Chatanika Rivers and a five-day river trip on the Gulkana in August planned. There is still work to be done around, however. I would like to bring in fill for the lower dog lot and build a big, fenced commune for the dogs.
Coming up we have a trip to Portland for the National Press Photographer Association's (NPPA) annual photojournalism conference. It's a chance to network and schmooze but mostly I want to meet Sam's oldest friend Chris and his wife Robin (and Vali). I was going to try and take the train into Seattle to see friends but I don't think there'll be enough time.
Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. All I'm sayin' is, it's going to be a good summer...if it ever gets here.


Anonymous said...

You're not getting ahead of yourself!? It is going to be a good summer... I'm coming, remember? Grant.. Scottish guy, you met him in Finland, he had no idea about anything and now he's Alaska bound!! God damn these Canadians and their short term memory loss....!!!! :D

AKbushbaby said...

OK! Jesus. You Scots are so excitable! I haven't forgotten. By the bye, when do you get here?