Monday, June 25, 2007

How dare you try and fill my head with this loathsome propaganda!

Sunday we had a tie-dye party out at Eric and Becky's. This was the third annual and, I dare say, the best yet. Good friends, good food, good beer and tie dying. What more got a wanna-be musher/hippy ask for? Not much. All the shirts, socks, gitch and blankets turned out really cool. Becky, Erin and I are having a mini dying party on Friday to use up the extra dye. I was thinking about doing some bandannas or some kiddie shirts for Leif and Laker in Whitehorse. Big truck!
Anyway, not much else new. Here are some pics from dying. Yes, we all died on Sunday. Then Eric, Becky and I rinsed (there's a lot of rinsing) all the clothes out yesterday before washing and drying and wearing. Woo hoo!

Messy, messy.

Becky's neice Gretta. Mouthy, but funny. I let her swear when her parents weren't around. All she said was ass. Two shoes.

Mixing colours and trying different combos is fun...except when you go too far and end up with poop brown/green.

My stained hands. It looks like I murdered Rainbow Brite.

Sam has a way with children. He's smiling big to show his teeth. I think he hurt himself taking this photo.

Me and may pal, Erin. Also known as Girl Erin...her husband's name is Aaron also.

Eric holding up the finished product. I did this shirt for him.

We did lots of baby clothes for Eli and Ella.

Piles o' tie dye.

Bully on the way home. He entertained the cars behind us. Becky and I were talking about tie dying some of my dog coats for the races next year.



Anonymous said...

I miss Bull! Remember how long it took me to realize that Bull meant Bull-Dog? Duh. Just like me so black.
Give that big goofy dog a pat on the head from me. And toss that freakshow Hazel a Xanax with love from me. Got any tie-dye left?
love mf

Anonymous said...

Hi Jilly love your tie-Dye I learned something new Love Sam'sTeeth too they look good.We wouldike toee you with all your birthday gifts on send picture.Love Gran and Pa.

laura said...

Sam's shirt is quite excellent! Good job!