Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hot water burn baby

So I guess I forgot to mention that I'm going to be an aunt. Aunt Jill. Cool aunt Jill and whacky Uncle Sam. My older sister is prego and looking forward to being a mother. She and her husband-to-be are really excited and I'm very happy for them. You know, I really do like kids. Other people's kids. Sam and I don't want any of our own as neither of us are really 'kid people.' We have our dogs.
But there is never a shortage of lil' ones around the cabin. There's little Owen who is currently at the 'why?' stage of his life and cute as a little button. Then there's Eli and Ella. Eli with his long hair and tye die and Ella with crazy high-pitched shriek. Eli is at that two-year-old stage where he'll pretty much repeat everything you say. Then we have Daniel. He's one babe that looks more like an old man than a baby. He's got 'tude and we love having Danny boy around. The other day, our friend Rachel had her second, a boy named Alex.
So having friends with babies is good enough for us and I think being an aunt will be pretty cool. I loved hanging out my cool aunts and uncles when I was I kid.
One of my favourite bands, Cake, is coming to town in August. I still can't believe it. Sam and I intended to be on the Gulkana River for a full week but will cut the river trip a little short to see Cake. I'll tell them you said hi, Shaun.
We are still, yes still, working on burying the high-speed internet cable and phone and electric cables. It's been two weeks. We're still going to have a couple of float trips, a trip to Chitina to dip-net salmon and four days in the woods hunting moose in September but, on top of all that, we have a long list of other jobs to do around the cabin before the snow flies. It stresses me out on a daily basis.

Baby Fitz

Suck on this one, Mary. Our phone is messed up still/again and this is the fastest connection we've been able to get. Please don't send me any photos, it'll take days. Hopefully hooking up the high-speed will not drag on any longer.

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Anonymous said...

Man! I am SO jealous! When will cake come to Ottawa!?? *Sigh* I guess I will have to just keep "Prolonging the Magic" while being reassured by a "Comfort Eagle" until one day that "Motorcade of Generosity" comes to my town! :oP