Monday, July 02, 2007

Well then, get the cake away from your boob!

The above was said by Sam when I told him to get his hand away from the cake while we were driving to the Canada Day BBQ, which turned out to be...dun dun da!!...A SURPRISE PARTY FOR ME!!! Oh my gawd. My first surprise party (that I really did not know about) EVER! Sam, Theresa, Becky and Libs planned this whole thing and I had no idea. I mean, there were a couple of weird phone calls and Libby was acting funny yesterday, but I really had no idea. I'm still amazed. Sam's been walking around so damn proud of himself, as he well should be, because he fooled me. As a matter of fact, twice last week I proclaimed that I could not be surprised. But I was! So we had a bunch of people, bbq buffalo burgers and salmon, two birthday cakes (one of which I am not eating with my hands and trying not to slop all over the keyboard as I type this) AND two pony kegs! The kegs, which we did not even come close to finishing, are on ice in our living room right now for Saturday's 'Jillian Rocks' birthday party part deux. Yeah! We are expecting JJ pretty much every night this week to help us with the kegs.
Bully even got in the action and after nagging me all morning, I finally helped him with his first-ever keg stand. (See photo below). In actuality, he's still pouting because I held him upside down for the picture.
There are some funny photos of the surprise party but LIBBY (LIB-BY!) can't get them off her camera...LIBBY! There is even one of Mary Haley's sweet ass. Did I say sweet? I meant white. Sam just told me it wasn't her was a little round-the-bend from there. Regardless, it's going the blog when I get the photos from LIBBY!!!
Anyway, birthday week continues...and yes, it really is all about me this week...I'm turning 30, baby!
My BFF Richard got me a beaver slide which rocks! And I got some other sweet booty to boot.
Thanks to all, I freakin' love you guys!! There are way too many exclamation points in this post. !


Theresa said...

Speaking of photos - I'm waiting for my tie die pics. Whenever you are ready birthday princess. Yay! Jillian's turning 30 this week and the whole town's going to know it.

Here's a little ditty for our theme song:

How you gonna do it, if you really don't wanna dance
By standing on the wall (get your back up off the wall)
Tell me

How you gonna do it, if you really don't wanna dance
By standing on the wall (get your back up off the wall)
‘Cause I heard all my people sayin’

Get down on it.
Get down on it.
(Repeat and fade)

Anonymous said...

You been PUNKD, Jillian!
That Sam is one sly dude.
Um, anybody got a card reader for a camera disky thingie that's from like 2002? Like, OLD SCHOOL? I know I am lame, I am sorry, especially because I would so like to share with you all Mary's undies and tattoo. Thanks, Mary. AND photos of Theresa in amazing hosting action, and Paul's fabu decorating, and Jillian's super-cool friends (who were all those people?) AND Sam's brilliant turn as Uncle Sam In Tie-Dye (man, those little kids love him! Especially the ones who have tie-dye matching his! Talk about a freaky turn on the whole pied piper thing... the tie-dye beer swillin pied piper)... the only thang missing wuz TRISH AND GRAEME! And Jillian's other Canadiany friends, of course. You were FOOLED, YO!

Anonymous said...

AND MARGARET AND JOHN WERE MISSING, TOO! Missed GREATLY, actually. At one point I heard Bob laugh, and looked around expecting to see John standing nearby, and alas--no John H! And then whenever something funny happened I looked to Marg to roll my eyes & laugh with and she wasn't freakin' there!
I only meant that the Canadians were missing because it was SUPPOSED to be a Canada Day celebration, and the only Canadian in sight was the birthday girl. The rest of us couldn't even draw a freakin' maple leaf. OK, I couldn't draw a maple leaf. I'm sure other party attendees could've if they'd tried. And by the way, I love Canada. And really, really, really missed John and Margaret, and I have some special photos to share with you two. REALLY nice one of Amanda's... Amanda's... you'll just have to wait and see. Love, Lib PS I found my card reader. Photos to come.