Wednesday, August 15, 2007

60 percent of the time, it works every time

If I didn't have to edit the letters to the editor in the paper every day, I might not believe what some people write. So, there are the usual kooks and quacks, bible thumpers and gun nuts, but yesterday there was a letter from a grandmother whose grandson was over in Iraq. I won't get into her whole rant, but she ended the letter with 'Git R Done, troops, come home soon and God Bless America!'
I'm at a loss. When you're trying to make a point about something that is obviously important to you, how about not quoting Larry the Cable Guy? Talk about the dumbing down of America.
Sunday night, Sam and I were flipping through our three, fuzzy channels, remarking on the fact that we're glad we don't have cable, when we came across 60 Minutes. (I can't believe Andy Rooney is still kickin' by the way. His rant was one on neckties. "Some men wear neckties, some don't. Some wear suit jackets, some don't." I think it's time to take this lame horse out behind the barn, if you know what I'm saying. But I digress.) One of the segments on 60 Minutes was an interview with Larry the Cable Guy and how he's the top grossing comedian for something like three years running.
For those who don't know him, he's a rootin' tootin' redneck, whose whole shtick is made up of gay-bashing, racist, misogynist rants. He plays to tens of thousands in sold-out arenas around the country. People freakin' love this guy. I can't understand.
Ha! But here I am dedicating a whole post to him. I'll stop now. But I have to add that it causes me angst every day to see people walking around, glazed over, mindlessly buying and consuming and following along. I don't proclaim not to get caught up in it all sometimes. I buy Redpaw for my dogs and prefer Taiga harnesses and Algyval instead of other, nameless mushing products. But at least I can recognize it and feel a slight twinge of guilt each time I purchase or consume something of which its origins or effects are unknown. Honestly, it's hard to get away from, especially here. But I know the difference and am making steps, albeit baby ones, to change. I forget who it was that told me 'It's better to make small changes that do nothing at all.'
How do you avoid it all? Move to a cabin in the middle of nowhere, cut off from the rest of the world? Hmmm. Well, it's time for me to step down off my high horse now. I need to pour another cup of organic, free-trade coffee with Splenda...'Tastes like sugar, because it's made from sugar.' (I did say baby steps.)


Anonymous said...

Dear Sugar,
Does it really taste like sugah? What's your catch phrase (ala get r done)? I'm waiting to hear one... I can make one up for you if you want. Just let me know. Luv, Lib

Theresa said...

You are as sweet as Splenda. As delicious as Cake. I met a guy at my residency who's a materialist. He's pretty cool, so I was suprised to hear about his consumer-based existence. Then I realized it means he only believes in things that are real. H.P. Lovecraft and stuff. (Not H.R. Pufnstuf.) Long rambling message to say, I missed you! Welcome back, me. I'm here. Can't wait to see you.