Monday, August 06, 2007

I know you are, but what am I?

This year's RibFest was a success! I mean, really, how could it not be? Kegs and ribs and friends, what's not to like? The kegs were gone by 8 p.m. and so we polished off a bottle of Patron, wine and JD. Sam's famous smoked ribs were gone pretty early too. There was some dancing, falling and lots of laughing. The dogs too got in on the festivities with lots of attention from the kids and lots of (too many) rib bones. Around 1:30 a.m. I got a call from my friend Amanda who had gone to see Bela Fleck and Flecktones earlier in the evening. She was hanging out with the band's trumpet player, Jeff Coffin, who wanted to see real, live sled dogs so she wanted to bring him over. We were still sitting around the fire pit, so I said sure. He was impressed with the dogs and snapped lots of pictures of Hitchcock because he loved her eyes. We sat inside and chatted for a while...nice guy, though I'm a little fuzzy on what we talked so long about. Oh well.
Sam and I booked this week off to float the Gulkana River, but we decided that we've had a lot of camping, paddling fun already this summer, so we're staying at home to work on the new dog yard. A big fenced commune where the dogs can run free was the original plan, but since we're on permafrost, the estimate we got for a guy to come in with a piledriver and pound posts was $150 per post. We need 60 posts. That's $9,000 just for the posts alone. Yeah. We weren't prepared for that, so Sam and I are going to clean up the yard, make it bigger and fix the outbound trail, which was too bumpy for me to use last winter. We'll see how long that takes and decide what to do from there. This weekend we'll take the canoe to float the Chatanika River to check out the moose stand for our September hunting trip. Before that, though, we're going to see Cake at the Blue Loon on Friday night. I'm thinking I'll wear my short skirt and a long jacket. Anyway, back to work.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hospitality and great week of partying Jill- oh and for not lifting my skirt the other direction...;) Lis

Anonymous said...

Sorry to miss the fun. May I never again miss RibFest. I drove by at around 1:30 am... and thought about stopping... should've? Hope to see you soon, Lib

Anonymous said...

Look like fun. I was not invited?