Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cake: a hangover and a twisted ankle

Cake rocked the house! It was such a fun night. The show was outside at the Blue Loon and it was a beautiful evening. There were tons of people there and, wonder of all wonders, I knew quite a few. Cake played for about an hour and half, and even though we were a little disappointed that the concert was short, it was amazing. They played the classics (Going the Distance; Short Skirt, Long Jacket, Mexico) and a bunch off their new album 'B Sides and Rarities.' I danced like a maniac, sang along and reveled in the relaxed, albeit nutty, atmosphere. After Cake played, we moved inside where there was a DJ on one side and local cabin-funk band Gangly Moose was playing on the other. So, yesterday our big plans to keep working on the dog yard were kiboshed by a bad hangover and a twisted ankle (I fell at some point in the night).

This past week Sam and I hit it hard in the yard, baby. We rented a wood chipper and chipped all the huge brush, nay tree, piles in the lower dog yard. We cleared some more trees and crammed those into the chipper, too. You know, there is something so satisfying about grinding up trees and brush in that monster machine. We used the plethora of chips to fill in the outbound trail to the main ADMA trail. I didn't use our trail much this past winter because it was way too bumpy. Picture knee-high tussocks and deep water-filled ditches with a fresh team of huskies...well, it was a disaster waiting to happen. But now, it's all filled in, level and smooth...all we need is snow! This week we'll put up fence so I have a safe place to let the dogs run free. I let them loose now, but am always paranoid because we're so close to the road. Anyway, it's been a productive and sweaty week off. We'll get back out to the yard at some point today to collect firewood and finish cleaning up before the fence goes up. I think the dogs will love it.
Peace.The yard sans the huge piles o' brush.

Sam chippin'.

The trail out of the yard.


Anonymous said...

Looking good

Mary said...

Those wood chippers are great for shredding cabbage to make coleslaw. I'd rather not discuss how exactly we discovered that. It may have something to do with YouTube and coleslaw wrestling.

AKbushbaby said...

I really wanted to throw random things into the chipper, but I'm trying to maintain that I'm an least when Sam's around. I think we all know better, however.

Anonymous said...

I don't know. You are 30 now. All grown up. mf

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you twisted ankle--but I caught you on the dance floor, right? Was super fun seeing you. Who knew we could groove to Justin Timberlake as well as Cake? Luv, Lib