Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Funky moon a risin'

Last night Sam and I chased the moon. We left the house around 1 a.m. armed with our cameras and tripods and set out to photograph the lunar eclipse. (I had 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' in my head ALL night...damn you to hell Bonnie Tyler!) Whilst out on our early-morning adventure, the aurora made an appearance and it was spectacular. Usually when I'm out chasing the northern lights, it's cold enough to freeze the tits off a brass monkey, but not last night. It was amazing....moving...dare I say: spiritual.
Here are some pics I got between 1 and 4 this morning.

Moon over totem.
Moon over kooky cabin.

Moon over cross.


Anonymous said...

Great pix! I almost called you at 1 am to tell you how awesome the northern lights and eclipse were! But I figured if you weren't awake, it would be wicked annoying to get a call at 1 am. I'm so glad you guys saw it and photo'd it--pretty darn amazing. We even saw a shooting star. Luv, Lib

Theresa said...

Hey girly, girl -
I hope you don't mind me giving you one of those internet awards. You're just so darn good at this!
Like ya,

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures Jilly Inger and I enjoyed them keep them coming LOVE gRAN..