Thursday, February 21, 2008

Being good isn't always easy

Back in Whitehorse after a 14-hour bus ride from hell with a bunch of blue-hairs, Captain Obvious and the devil herself. I'm here for 24 hours and then, you guessed it, another bus ride back to Fairbanks. I really miss it here, but am looking forward to getting home to the dogs. The Silver Sled race has been canceled so I'll go to Nenana on the weekend for the Ice Classic, a 40-mile per day, two-day race.
Sam and I went watched Bill Cotter, a former Quest champion and at 61, the oldest competitor, come across the finish line today. It was a glorious morning up on the bluff watching Cotter's team make their way down the river.
Anyway, back to work.
Peace. Cotter hugs his handler after finishing.

The Quest banner in my baby's shades.

Cotter on the river. Almost done!

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Erin Alaska said...

Hey Jill, I have been reading your blog for a while. My husband was looking at all your older posts and saw all the ones with the building of the cabin. We are moving back to Juneau in a few monthes and building a cabin. He was wondering about where you bought the logs and such. I know it's a lot to ask. But if you have any info you would be willing to pass along we would be greatly appreciative. Your home is beautiful, so similar to what we want. Anything would be wonderful. Here is my email or just send a comment over on my blog (it's nothing compared to yours) Thanks a bunch
-namaste --
Erin and Mike