Friday, February 15, 2008

Hi petty; bitter much?

Mushers are petty. They are jealous and small. Not all of course. I know some really, really good ones. But some are just, well, they're assfaces. Tuesday I got home from covering the Yukon Quest up to the third checkpoint of Circle. Sam's going down the whole trail and I will meet him in Whitehorse next weekend to cover the finish banquet. This has been an interesting race so far with a lot of mushers scratching because of harsh conditions...nothing unusual. Our hometown hero Julie Estey had to scratch at the remote cabin called Slaven's a couple days ago. She twisted her knee in the crazy jumble ice on the Yukon River. I talked to her last night after she was flown out of the remote site and into Eagle. She was crying. I feel so bad for her. This was pretty much her one shot at the Quest. I really hope she tries again as she was doing so well until this freak accident. She's tough and optimistic and is amazing with her dogs. She's my inspiration. Lance is going to win this year's race. Sure, Ken is close behind, but this is Lance's race. No question. Just watching their dogs come into the checkpoints is a sure sign. Also, Lance has a great attitude which translates to his dogs. The guy is always positive. Ken on the other hand isn't as upbeat and that too translates down to his dogs. Some of the middle-pack racers are also miserable and so I think we're going to see a lot more scratches in Dawson, the halfway point. I'm getting ready to head to Wasilla today for my 120-mile race. Since this is a small one, they really don't track it online, but results should be on after the race. Or Google 'Knik Goosebay 120.'
Anyway, here are few photos I shot from Mile 101, Central and Circle. Wish me luck! I'm seeing another Red Lantern in my future.


Erin Alaska said...

I am not a dog musher, have never even been to a race. But through a few other Alaska blogs I found yours. We're moving up to Juneau in 3 monthes and I am addicted to hearing about Alaska life. I loved your pics this blog with the dogs lit up at night and the frozen beard, so telling. Good luck on your race. You're an inspiration. Go extreme, or go home :)-Namaste

Michelle said...

Love the pictures, especially the
2nd one! :)

I know what you mean about some of the mushers, I'm not into mushing but, as a born and raised Alaskan, I have met a fair share of them and haven't been impressed with at least half of them and I sure couldn't tell they enjoyed mushing or their dogs.

Congrats on the R rating ;)

brittany said...

wow - your third photo down is really stunning, jill!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha....I couldn't wait to find out who was being an assface...I'm so village. Oh well.