Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be mushers

I got a text message last night after midnight. I felt like a teenager. Then I cursed the bastard for waking me up as I had been in bed for a couple hours. Funny, how quickly you can go from feeling really young to feeling really old in less than a second. In Whitehorse, a 19-year-old thought I was 24. I was giddy. Then I yawned, pulled the crumpled up tissue from my sleeve, wiped my nose and put it back. Old.
Shot of jager. Young.
Turning down the second on a count of having to get up early? Old.
See how this works?
Taking a break from working to get on Facebook. Young.
Having a co-worker tell me that yes, woot is actually a word? Old.
I'm having a bit of a crisis.
A pre-mid-life crisis.
Sam just tooted and snorted in his sleep and woke the dogs up. Old.
The fact that I'm laughing hysterically and sharing it online? Priceless.


Marty b said...

Ah, the fun of it. Inane but sane. I do enjoy your blogs. Keep them coming!

Marty b

Anonymous said...

Old. Get over it


AKbushbaby said...

Thanks Marty b!
Um, Papa, if I'm old what the heck does that make you?

BarefootBeat said...

The problem is that you probably act your age. Most people are still trying to act like they are in their twenties.
By the way, I don't know what woot means either. Also, I read your blog all the time....really enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

you are both wrong, you do not know what old is until you get to my age.Jill you are just a chicken and enjoy it while you can and what the heck is woot that's anew one on me lots of love Gran'