Sunday, February 03, 2008

My hairy boy is getting so big ... and so is Roy

It's no surprise that Sam and I are not going to have any children. Sure we like kids - ahem, other people's kids - but we both knew when we met each other, breeding was not something we were interested in. The closest thing we have is Roy. Our little, hairy, whiny, annoying baby. Recently, it struck me that our boy is growing up. It seems to have happened over night and it has made me nostalgic for the times when I could easily scoop him up in my arms and scratch his chin until he fell asleep. Of course, that was just a couple months ago. This week I noticed he had lost all but one of his baby teeth. The last one is clinging on, even though his adult canine tooth has pushed its way through Roy's gums. I tried to yank out the remaining baby tooth yesterday to keep as a memento, but Sam made me stop. So I took photos of it instead. Roy is almost as big as Bully now and oh, he's not done growing yet. Our little boy... sniff, sniffle



Then. This was the day Sam found him in the woods. Half-dead and oh, so innocent.

Now. A holy terror, indeed.


Anonymous said...

Your puppies sure look comfortable and loved. Who could ask for better "parents". Can't believe Roy has grown that much....from such a tragic start - how much bigger will he get?

Best move over now Sam ...... I can see it coming.....

AKbushbaby said...

It's hard to say. When we found him, I thought he was about three months, but looking back, I think it was more like six or eight weeks. So that would put him at about four or four and half months now. He's still really gangly, so I'm thinking he'll grow for another couple of months. He'll be the tallest dog in the yard, that's for sure. Now, if only he would grow into his's tiny!

dogsled_stacie said...

Holy crap he has the longest, gangliest front legs ever!

But he's still soooo cute.

Bakkerta said...

What an ode. I'm crying my eyes out over heah! I can't believe Roy is all grown up already. He was such a sassy puppy. I imagine he's much more mannered now.

JaniceFBX said...

Wow! What a difference! Thanks again for taking Roy again.