Sunday, April 06, 2008

Roy: Same great puppy, now with less boner

Roy's been catatonic since his episode. Poor guy.
As I said before, break-up here is a yucky, messy time. I spent an hour yesterday picking up crap that has appeared since the snow started melting. No matter how diligent I felt I was this winter, there were dozens of poo piles scattered around the property. Like stinky little landmines. I know, I know, lately my blog's been all dog poo and boners, boners and dog poo...
On a different note, my story about Iniakuk, along with Sam's awesome photos, came out today in the News-Miner. Check it out here .
I realize there are a couple errors in it, but I'm not taking the blame for those. That's why we have editors, right?
Anyway, I'm thinking of taking one more overnight trip into the White Mountains even though conditions might not be great. I just can't let go of the season. I'm not ready. Damn you, Spring!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jill, I just read your story! VERY nice. :) I want to come to come by in August and do my own story about the Alaskan wilderness, but not sure if timing works. I would LOVE to meet up with you, though, if we do make it over there! Keep up the good spirit! Sarah (the German one) ;)