Monday, September 04, 2006

Very little labour today

The grouting is done. Thank the lord. Yesterday wasn't as bad. Only nine hours. It was a good day except that I finally did it: I worked my fingers to the bone. The grout wore the skin away from the tops of two of my fingers and now I'm left with cracked, grout-covered digits that Sam says look like the fingers of the dead. A long shower is definitely in order today. Later we'll start moving some of the bigger stuff over to the new property.
Here's a pic of me filling the crack sack for the final time.

So far today we've been lounging, drinking coffee, complaining about sore muscles and reading the paper. I made pancakes but Sam didn't eat them. Too chewy for his likes. They didn't come from a box, and I kind of wung it on the recipe. Meh. Whad' ya gonna do? Let him eat toast.
So Raven, Strider and Ruffles have taken to cramming themselves into one doghouse. It's just too damned cute! I can't take all this cuteness. None of them are particularly small dogs either. Sam compared it to a clown car where the clowns just...keep...coming...out...
Pretty funny. Duck-hunting season opened on Friday and since we live right on the refuge, hunters are all over the place. The dogs freak with every shot fired. Maybe that's why Ruffles, Strider and Raven have taken to one house. Ruffles is the mama of Strider and Raven. Sneaky Pete and Parker like to be in the same house as well.
Time to work.


... said...


Man am I ever funny.

Anonymous said...

From the looks of it Saturday night, there was still one crack that needed to be filled.

Anonymous said...

Those are fighten words!

AKbushbaby said...

First of all: LABOUR! Cad.
Second of all: Don't worry, that one got filled too. After you left. Teehee.
I can't wait for tomorrow. Nenana River here I come. Can I push John out of the raft? Pretty please?

Anonymous said...

Only if you can revive him from hypothermia. It is a glacier fed river, you know. Lets hope we can snag a ride on the raft. We're still in the process of trying to secure a slot. But if all I get to see is you get car sick, its worth the trip for me.

Anonymous said...

Keep it clean!

AKbushbaby said...

Keep what clean? The floor or my mouth? If it's the latter, that may be difficult.