Monday, April 09, 2007

It's an Easter, scratch that, Facebook miracle!

Ok. This Facebook thing is pretty nuts. I guess for those who aren't aware, like me just one week ago, Facebook is like My Space, where you have an account, and a page, and people from hither and yon find you, or you find them, and then you say things like 'where have you been?' or 'what have you been doing for, oh I don't know, the last 10 years?'
Over the past couple days I've talked to people (online of calls, what the hell does that mean?) who I haven't even thought about in over a decade! Friends from all over the place who are married with kids. Crazy. Then I tell them where I am and they're either really happy, or, I'm sure, don't believe it. See, the blog, it just feels safe and cozy. Probably because I have no idea who's reading it. But Facebook announces when someone has found you or 'poked' you (not in a good way). Deep breath. I mean, it's not like I can't pull the plug on Facebook at any point, right? RIGHT? I can quit. I can. I just don't want to....
I blame Trish. Always blame Trish. She's in Africa, so she can't do anything to me.
Moving right along.
Sam and I took a day trip to Denali National Park today. Yes, the man actually took a day off. It was a beautiful, warm, bluebird day and Mount McKinley was out and it was fantastic. We didn't see any wildlife (expect for a few ptarmigan) but we were armed with our biggest lenses just in case.
Sam says: 'Spiderman had a baby.'
So, we stopped off to wish JJ a happy birthday and now we're home. Time to feed the dogs, who are all pissed because they've had no attention today. And here I am again, on the computer. This week I'm working on writing stories for the Fairbanks Visitors' Guide and then I will hopefully have some down time to start work outdoors. I'm also hoping to run the dogs one more time this week although the snow is melting at an alarming rate. Over the weekend we moved the last two dogs from the lower doglot up with the rest of the brood. The lower lot is getting very, very mucky and gross and the dogs were up to their knees in muck. So in order to stake Sister and Gus out up by the house, we had to rent a jackhammer (a real, live, shake-you-til-your-numb JACKHAMMER) to pound in the stakes. Sam did most of the heavy work which entailed him eight feet up in the air, on a ladder, jackhammering down below. It was scary and I'm glad he didn't turn into some weird jackhammer-accident statistic.
Ok. I need to get off this blasted thing and get outside.
Sam and the 'Brute' poundin' pipe, baby!

Nice view from the Savage River pullout in Denali Park yesterday.

Sam shooting a ptarmigan, with his camera of course. (although I hear they are tasty)

A Ptarmigan I called 'Better with Rice.' It was Rice for short.

Random dude. These guys were funny because they had these stickers all over their truck saying things like "organic lover" and "We love Denali" and "We're so cool because we hike in Denali and wear cool hiking clothes" Ok, I made the last one up, but the stupid thing is, these three people were tromping all over the place. There are even signs asking hikers not to stray from the trails because, well, people destroy the lovely flora and fauna in parks such as this one. So what do these nature-loving-organic-eating people do? They run off the trail and up into these rocks. If you're really such a greeny, why the hell would you do that? Trails are there to keep the impact from people to a minimum, so use them.

Hot chick trying not to fall off the rocks.


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute now ..... did Hot Chick not have to stomp on the flora and fauna to get to the rocks? Do you want rice or ptarmigan with your slice of humble pie??

AKbushbaby said...

I was wondering when someone would call me on that. Well done. I owe you a Coke. Let me start by saying that I have never, not once, said that I wasn't a hypocrite. AND notice how hot chick is jumping from rock to trail. I didn't tromp around smothering everything in my unmarked path....again, I'm not saying that I haven't...

Anonymous said...

It looks and tastes like a chicken. If you can not spell it, it is a chicken.

Anonymous said...

Nice shot of Denali.
That's a pretty big poundin' pipe Sam's got.


AKbushbaby said...

I can't take credit for the photos, they're all Sam's except the one of him shooting the ptarmigan. The funniest thing about the jackhammer session was that the machine was called 'Brute.'