Tuesday, November 06, 2007

My liver is Irish

So here's a mishmash of photos from Indy and Kansas City. Good times, good times. I also have some exciting news about a cool mushing/adventure opportunity for me in March, but I'm not sure if it's too early to talk about it. (I usually end up jinxing these kind of things.) So here are some pics, including Britney moments before she tackled a purse snatcher. The first batch of Indy are taken by fellow FFA photog Kelly Rogers (no relation...I hope). The ones of us at the Cove are taken by Sam's brother Jon and the ones of KC are taken by yours truly. Enjoy!
Me kissing a big building in Indianapolis. Excuse me while I kiss the sky. By the way, I'm not pregnant, just bloated. Must remember to SUCK IT IN. Christ Almighty.

Kelly being Kelly: Kooky and lovable.

I thought this was funny. This is at the antelope club. Our first stop on the Saturday after the convention. Time to cut loose! Of course, for Jill that means making a complete arse of herself, but that's me: Kooky and lovable. (Maybe we are related, Kelly.)

Jebus keeps a watchful eye on the keyboard player.

Loves me some Sam.

The band at the Antelope Club. They were rockin'.

Costumes. It was a Halloween party in case you didn't catch that.

And this is Britney Spears from her 'Hit me baby, one more time' days. He was actually quite frightening. But, some jackass crept into the back door of the club, grabbed a woman's purse and took off. Ole Brit here chased him down and got the purse back. The snatcher got away, but the women got her bag back. Well done, Creepy Old Man Britney!

Me and fellow photog Ed in Indy.

On to Missouri...

Jon, Nancy, moi, Sam and sissy Rebecca in Shell Knob, MO, visiting Sam's mama.

Nancy and I getting (sort of) pushed by Sam.

Sam and I helping with 'Christmas' dinner. We had Christmas (complete with tree, turkey and tunes) because this was the first time we were all together and who knows when that will happen again. Riley Jones (the dog) was supervising.

The Cove, home of Sam's mama. I miss green grass and big trees.

Marlin at the bottom of the stairs (one of many staircases) at Jon and Nancy's in Kansas City.

Self portrait.

Ruby, one of 10 cats at Jon and Nancy's.

The mansion. A man went crazy in the '70s and murdered his family in the basement. No joke. I did not go in the basement.

Kitty in the window.

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