Thursday, November 08, 2007

Spitfire Kennels: Now with more meaty goodness

I never thought 300 pounds of raw meat could make me so very, very happy. But it has! Hooray! I'm like a lion in a zebra store. A T-Rex in a caveman shop? Whatever. You get it. A kid in a candy store. But it's raw beef and chicken! Oh, how I have missed the smell of blood and meat thawing in the entryway. Yesterday Charlie Champaine himself (he's a mushing legend who is now the biggest supplier of meat for sled dogs in the state...maybe even in the world) delivered 300 pounds of his Blue Race Mix frozen, chopped and sealed in 50-pound bags, to our cabin. I arrived home from an afternoon of trying not to open fire on the arseholes at the DMV to this glorious mound of meat. The dogs knew. I couldn't wait. I sliced open a bag, scooped up an armful of frozen meat chunks, ran to the dog yard and started tossing pieces to the dogs. Like rice at a wedding. Like confetti at, um, an event where you throw confetti. "Meat for everyone!" I exclaimed. The dogs are so happy. And therefore, so am I. I emptied 200 pounds of it into a barrel and the rest is in the dog truck. These chunks make perfect snacks for the pooches after a long run. The dogs devour them, raw and frozen, in a matter of seconds.
After tossing out a couple of chunks to each dog, I half-filled the food bucket with some meat nuggets and brought it inside to thaw. At feeding time, I added hot water, seven scoops of kibble, psyllium, fish oil and a dash of love and before long, the smell was enough to make a non-musher gag. But I love it. The dogs ate faster than ever, let out a long, unified howl and crawled into their straw-packed houses for a good night's sleep. So happy. This morning I thawed some more meat, added hot water and gave them their bloody broth with a bigger-than-usual grin on my face. I love making them happy.


dogsled_stacie said...

mmmm, meat.... *drool*

My dogs are super excited with the re-introduction of frozen fish for the winter!! They are freakin' crazy about it after a few months drought and act like they haven't been fed for MONTHS two seconds AFTER I've snacked them! Gluttons! :)

Charlie Champagne is a real person!?!? Wow.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

I saw Charlie race a few times way back when, never got a chance to meet him though.

Nice recipe! Lucky dogs you have.