Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New meaning to Bump and Grind...

This was me leaving the yard yesterday with only a little, biddy four-dog team but with no brake. I put the drag up because I knew there was still a few tree stumps poking up. Near of the end of trail from my yard to the main trail I was going quite fast so I put the drag down and immediately caught a tree stump. This is what happens when there's not enough snow. It brought the dogs to an immediate halt and sent me into the handlebar with a force that made noises come out of my mouth involuntarily. Despite that, and the really, really bumpy, tussocky parts of the trail, I don't think I'll go back to the four-wheeler. There's still not enough snow to set a hook (parking brake, so to speak) so stopping the team for any length of time requires me to find a tree to tie off to. A tree that's big enough to the hold a crazy 10-dog team, that is. But, I ran teams with less snow in Finland and despite bruises on my body and pride, I didn't break anything, so there.
Plus, it's so much fun and the dogs enjoy it so much more than pulling a smelly, noisy ATV.
Anyway, I'm on a sled. It's not pretty, but it'll do.
Um, do you think someone's eager? That's Julie and her boy Frodo jumping behind her. He's a young clunker but a really sweet boy.

Me and the best lead dogs ever: Bully and Capiche.

Pretty sunset out on the trail.

My newest dog Sally always looking back. I usually don't tolerate dogs looking back, but she's new and is still learning to trust me so I let it go for now.

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