Monday, March 17, 2008

Get your puggle on

Yep, Princess Consuela (I changed her name) is still here. Looks like no one is even looking for her. I'm not sure what we're going to do, but we can't keep her. Seriously, we can't keep her. No! I'm still trying to get gear and logistics organized for the Brooks Range trip. Sam's still in bed with the plague. He was starting to feel better but then went downhill again and today he says he's feeling better again. I may be going on this mountain adventure alone. Well, I'll have 18 dogs, a couple of tourists, the lodge owner and a chef, so I won't be totally alone. Either way I'm looking forward to it.
Anyway, here are some pics of the Open North American Championships which were this weekend. My friend John and I walked onto the trail from my yard to watch teams and get some photos. Also, here are some photos of Princess Consuela just in case I can tempt anyone into taking her. She's housebroken, calm, snuggly, quiet and sits on your lap while driving (and on the toilet).
Someone take her!!!
I'm still not smoking, but it's been very hard.

ONAC dogs.
Johnny in a tree.

Monkeyman chimping in a tree. Chimping is what we in the biz call it when a photog looks at the back of the camera to see what photos they've got.

Magili Philip coming around a corner.

A team coming down the stretch.

Roy and Princess C on the porch this morning.

She's always on alert.

She needs a home away from sled dogs who want to eat her.


Carolyn H said...

The little puggle looks sad, as though she's missing her people whoever and wherever they are. I hope you find her owners.

Carolyn h.

Erin Alaska said...

Princess Consuela Banana-hammock (Phoebe from Friends?) What a cutie, and can't be the name!

AKbushbaby said...

YES!!! oh, how sad for us...We were meant to be friends...

Karen Travels said...

If only I lived in Alaska now...5 more months, I'd take her in a second.

Erin Alaska said...

Pretty, pretty, please, name the next dog you find "Crap Bag". That way Princess Consuela will have a buddy. We are sad, but oh the laughs we'd have. Even better, here's the YouTube link to that friends clip it's been so long. .

AKbushbaby said...

Love it! Thanks! Sam just thought I was making up Princess Consuela Bananahammock. He didn't know it was from a would he I guess, eh? Anyway, I had a good laugh...

Unknown said...

I can put the word out to a couple of friends in Fairbanks that might be interested. She's really very cute!

Congrats on quitting smoking. I know it can't be easy.

Marty b said...

I'd never heard of a "puggle" before. Not much on Pugs, but have to admit this mix is cute. About as cute as a puggish face can get.

Great progress on quitting cigarettes It does eventually get easier but doing on self-discipline and "I ought to" is the hardest since it is easier to rationalize yourself. A real medical scare gets one over the hump faster, but unfortunatey it's often too late then.

Hang in there. Get Sam well and on his feet. Enjoy yor upcoming "treks for tourists" trip. And keep on bloggin!

Brown Eyed Girl said...

If we lived any closer we'd take her in a minute! Mikey needs a sister, no matter what Shaun says. Hope you find her owners (or a new home) soon..

Mary said...

No one wants the Yoda dog? I want the Yoda dog!!

BarefootBeat said...

Did someone take the dog...I am in you think the puppy could fly..