Friday, March 14, 2008

Hot dogs and one dead-seal flop

I took 14 dogs out to North Pole today and it was bloody hot out - 20 F. The pups were feelin' the heat. We only did 12 miles because of the warm weather. The dogs did great at usual and I had a blast running 14 dogs. Man, can they fly... stopping was a big of an issue but my hooks managed to hold them for a second or two. Parker and Sipsi had issues with the heat and the speed. Parker had a hissy fit and threw herself on the ground at one point. I stopped and checked her out. She was fine, just a little hot. I doused her in snow and took it slow from then on, stopping every couple of miles to let the dogs eat snowcones and roll around.
Sam and I leave Wednesday for Coldfoot. From there we'll fly into Iniakuk Lodge. We're still getting gear together, but everything is coming together nicely. I'm borrowing four dogs from Lance Mackey for the trip to round out three teams. I hope the tourists know who he is and get a thrill out of running his dogs in the mountains...I know I will!
Anyway, I still want to smoke, but am coping...for now...thanks again for all the support...

My team.
I made Tamara take my camera partway through the run to get some blog photos...She ran 10 dogs and is getting ready for Taiga 300.

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