Thursday, March 06, 2008

Oh, I'll give you some sign language

I have completely lost my voice. Well, not completely. If I strain I can make pathetic little squeaking noises. Sam's in heaven. I am finally (finally!) silent. Sigh. Though I am feeling much better, i.e., I can actually walk around now, my throat is killing me and my voice has wandered off. I have to cover the Limited North American Championships (dog sled races) tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday for the paper. Maybe I should buy a chalkboard to write down my interview questions. I told the sports' editor I'd find a way and not to worry, it'll get done. Should be interesting. This morning I took a friend's father-in-law who is visiting from Croatia for a dog sled ride. This stealthy oldtimer wasn't riding in the basket though, no way. I hooked up a second sled to mine, clipped up all 10 race dogs and away we went. The dogs looked fantastic. I rarely let them lope full steam because we mostly do long runs, but today I knew it would be short so I let them go. What fun! We rounded a bend within the first five minutes and there was a moose on the trail. She leaped off the trail and trotted along side us for a minute. I forget the gentleman's name already, but he was so happy to see his first moose on the back of a dog Alaskan! He tipped once, but learned quickly and seconds later, we rounded another very steep corner. I looked back in time to see him up on one runner skidding around the turn with a huge grin on his face. He stayed on and did it fine style. What a guy! Sadly though, Lovro slipped Sam some cash for the ride while his father-in-law and I were out on the trail even though I told him I wanted to do it for free because I really love seeing people experience mushing for the first time. I think it's more fun for me to watch their faces. But thank you, Lovro.
So this weekend is busy covering the LNAC and working nights on the copy desk. Hopefully my voice returns. I hate depriving Sam of my rants, nagging and morning songs...

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