Friday, March 14, 2008

This is the face of a woman on the edge

Day 3
Weight: None of your damn business
Cigs: None!
Alcohol units: None
Coffee: A cup a day (as opposed to a pot per day I drank when I smoked)
Water: Lots
Exercise: More each day
So how do I feel? Like shit! I'm so edgy...
The thought of smoking has completely consumed me. It's all I think about. Driving is the worst. Mornings are not so bad. I drink a lot of water first thing and then exercise. Today I did a pilates DVD. Our TV is upstairs and so Sam was in bed (he's still very sick, but getting better) and I was doing my workout tape. He just watched (probably the skinny, scantily-clad chippies on the tape and not me) and then started critiquing my performance. "You're too spastic," he said to me.
It's a good thing he's so sick or else I'd have to put the smack down.
I talked to Theresa yesterday about the ciggie cravings. She suggested that instead of denying them, I explore them. Knowing that I won't give in, I'm trying to just let myself go when the cravings hit, instead of fighting them.
I'm not there yet.
I'm looking forward to writing about it, but right now it's just too hard. I'm shaky and fidgety. I can't sleep that well and I'm seriously considering punching Josh in the face. OK, well, on that note, I'm heading out to North Pole to run the dogs. I'm taking all 14, which is the biggest team I've ever run, so wish me luck. I'll take photos.


Erin Alaska said...

When I saw that you hadn't blogged in a while I thought you were in a cig. coma. Glad to see you're still alive. Have a great ride.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Keep on mushin and keep on quittin

dogsled_stacie said...

"you're too spastic" - Freaking hilarious!!