Friday, April 11, 2008

Look out Gran, here we come!

We leave tomorrow for Ontario. I'm really excited to see my old hood. And by hood, I mean house in the country. Sam's visit will be cut short by a few days as he is now going to go to Missouri to help his mom move. At least he will get to be in my hometown for a couple days and will get to meet my Gran. I hope he passes her 10-point inspection. He's looking forward to showing her his teeth. Anyway, I have a ton to do before we fly away from here. I'll try to post from the airport in Chicago with some funny 'vanillas in the airport' photos.


Mary said...

Tell Gran I said hi. And bring me back some Crunchies.

KD said...

send maple syrup.

Theresa said...

Will you show Gran your tuke? (Or is that tuque?) Have a great trip.