Friday, August 18, 2006

Have Conex, will travel

Yesterday evening, we had our Conex delivered. A conex is a large (40 feet long) steel storage container that you see on trains. They're very popular here for storing things and perhaps even living in. We're not going to live in stinks...but it will take the place of the tarp city we currently have at our old cabin. So, Adam, the truck driver, was nearly an hour late but when he did arrive he was very accommodating and eager to drop this two-ton Tessie wherever we wanted it. One of the first things that Adam said to us was: 'I can put this thing any place you folks want. I can squirt it 10 feet or so off the end."
As soon as the words 'squirt' and 'ten feet' came out of his mouth, I knew we were in trouble.
Adam, a surprisingly young guy, was a little squirrelly and at one point had the Conex teetering off the back of his semi. Adam ran behind it, kicked a big piece of wood that one edge had come to rest on and sent the whole thing rolling right for him. Sam grabbed him by the scruff and yanked him out of the way. That's when I had to go away, because I simply couldn't watch the guy get smushed. It all ended OK, except for the fact that Sam threw out his back. He's a little better today, but he could hardly walk (he looked like the hunchback) yesterday. Poor guy. Here's a pic of Adam and the Conex.

Sister is adjusting to life on Farmer's Loop. She and Bully have really taken a liking to each other. She likes to hump him. He likes to try and pee on her. It must be love. The other pups are doing well too. A little waterlogged because of all the rain here, but good.
Yesterday, Tom (my hobo, seen eating pizza below) and I sanded while Olaf and his friend Shaun came by to install the final windows. This was Olaf's official last day. He is done. It was kind of sad. I've gotten used to his snide remarks and German accent. We got pizza and gelato for lunch and I picked up a little thank you gift from Sam and I. Auf Wiedersehen, Olaf!

Here's Olaf picking out gelato at Collegetown Pizzeria.

Let's see, what else?
Oh yeah, Ken and Gwen are currently in the process of charging the junior musher with neglect. Animal control has been out to said musher's kennel and seized two dead dogs, one of which was still on the chain, the other tossed in the bushes. Sick. Gwen has also been writing letters to all the races informing them of what has happened and asking the race managers to ban her from any and all events in the future. Word has spread like crazy here. I went into one of the feed stores a couple days ago to get dog food and they were talking about it in there.
Better get going.


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hey hey sugartime baker, you can come over to mine, it's been quiet lately. Plus, Mr. Sugartimebaker was going to send me some pictures of your cool stuff out there but then he hasn't yet...