Monday, August 28, 2006

'The three of us make a good pair'

Long day. We put the subfloor in today. Something called FibreRock. (FibreROOOCCKK!!) It's fibreglass and cement in four-by-eight-foot sheets. We used mortar and a whole lotta nails to secure it to the plywood underneath. So that's the material we'll put the slate tiles on tomorrow. Sam dropped his cell into a bucket of mortar today. The picture is of him shortly after.
All in all it was a productive and fun day. I definitely enjoyed putting the floor in better than sanding and painting. Things are moving along but the list seems neverending. Not that I'm complaining. It's really cool to see the progress and I can't wait to start moving things in. Anyway, too tired for much else. Photos of 'Sister over the rainbow' and the kitchen area complete with FibreROCK floors.


Anonymous said...

Sound like a solid commentary to me.

Anonymous said...

I"ve been censored! Good thing, too. I was being way too snarky for a Sunday evening. Thanks for savin' my cred. And that photo of Sister? I have in my head for a few hours now "sis-TER, over the rainbow!" to the Judy Garland theme.
-your favorite Newsweek reporter

Anonymous said...

Who's dat beyatch with da' dorag? Yo cleanin' lady? She sho' got some ruff ass hands! Prolly ugly as a sled dawg 2!

Da monstaz from da midwes!

AKbushbaby said...