Monday, August 14, 2006

You had me at fly pie....

My parents are back in Ontario. Hurray! But seriously, it was a good visit and Cliff and Jennifer (or Jen-er-fer as my dad calls her) were very generous and helpful. That last week they were here, Sam and I were going to take them rafting, but when my dad saw how stressed Sam and I were about the house, they volunteered to stay in Fairbanks and help. So we put them to work sanding the inside of the cabin. My dad and Sam also worked on the electricity. (everyone out there in cyber land raise your left hand, make a fist, now stick out your thumb and forefinger and form the letter C with those two fingers...done? We're THAT close to having electricity. Exciting.
We've chosen slate tiles for the first floor. Sam goes back to work this week so my goal is have the inside sanded and treated by Friday. Then I can get the outside ready for the professional painter dude and start on tiling the floor.
OK. So, I've acquired a new dog. She's a feisty four-year-old named Sister. She belonged to Ken and Gwen who sold her to a junior musher this spring. Sister was Gwen's main leader in the race in France earlier this year.
So, yesterday Gwen and Ken get a call from another junior musher saying that they should be concerned about the welfare of the dogs at this particular kennel. Gwen went there immediately and was horrified to see the condition of the dogs. Among other things that I won't get into, the dogs were grossly underfed and very thin. Gwen and Ken called animal control repeatedly and are moving to press charges of animal cruelty. Animal control never did show up so Ken called the mayor. Gwen staked out the house waiting for someone to come home. When the young mushers mother pulled in, Gwen confronted her. The mother said she has little to do with the dogs and never goes back to the kennel. Gwen took her back there to show her what her daughter had done to the dogs. Anyway, Gwen phoned me to ask if I could help her find homes. I said I could take one (sister) and friend bob has temporarily taken two so he can nurse them back to health. As for the others, well, I haven't heard from Gwen today so we'll see what has happened. Stay tuned. If anyone is looking for sled dogs let me know.
More sanding today...

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