Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mucho suckage

So. I've decided on a kennel name. Once and for all. This is the one. (drumroll) Kluane Kennel.
Soggy Bottom Kennels just sounds too much like sh***y diaper kennels...sorry Kel. The other option was ISKA Balls Kennels which is an inside joke that I just can't explain because it's gross. John and I brainstormed on the way out to Windy Creek Kennel this morning on our way out to pick up Sister and we both agreed that Kluane Kennels is simple and nice sounding.
Kluane comes from the Tlingit for 'whitefish country' it's the name of a lake in the Yukon and the name of the national park in the Yukon where Mount Logan is. That's Canada's highest peak. Anyway, the park is beautiful, the lake is beautiful and I like it...so there.
Sister is chillin' at the pad and seems content.
Anyway, that's it for now.


... said...

Coolness. well, I guess it could be lamer... that's awesome though. Do I have dogs at my place? I think I'll be back Saturday for sure. I might post a few pictures if I'm up to it here.

AKbushbaby said...

Yes. Daphney and Marais are chillin'. They're fine. They're a little skittish but are both eating well and enjoying those rawhide sticks you have. They are really sweet dogs, Bob. It'll be hard to let them go...(tear)