Friday, September 29, 2006

Bend it like Beckham

Ok, we're almost completely moved into the new cabin. Good thing, too. We have to be out of here tomorrow and we are very (VERY) eager to live in our new home. Yesterday evening I went to run dogs with Gwen. We ran a team of 13, which included 11 yearlings and two adults. The yearlings did really well and with the exception of a few tangles, everything went smoothly. Tangles are to be expected, especially with young dogs because they haven't quite figured out what the lines are all about. Trucker was the only one who managed to chew through his neckline. He's a real spaz but cute as hell. In lead I had Puck and Rulon, both really great command leaders. With a team of young dogs, you need reliable leaders otherwise you're pretty much hosed from the start. Anyway, Gwen and I discussed what my race season might hold and we've been talking about me entering the Quest 300: a 300-mile race (450 km) that runs along the Quest trail simultaneously with the 1,000-mile race. It's a qualifier for the longer version.

Anyway, we'll see. Here are some pics from yesterday's run and some of the many puppies out at Windy Creek Kennel. My head is about to explode from all the cuteness. I'm serious. These pups are SO adorable I just want to carry them all around in my pockets.

Me, walkin' the line on a short break along the five-mile trail.
Puck in lead.
A pup I call Dingo. Look at those ears! Fly away, little puppy! Fly!
A pup named Beckham.
Sunset over Windy Creek Kennel.


Anonymous said...

A wire mesh watering can. I can shoot that full of holes. Go Jill GO

AKbushbaby said...

It's decorative and it already has holes in it...remember? "A wire mesh watering can" Mesh being the key word there. Why would want to shoot anything? Unless, of course, you live in Alaska and then people shoot holes in everything for no apparent reason.

KATS Blog said...

Send Dingo with Sam when he comes to Indy - I love that face!! Wish you were coming along as well.. cheers!

AKbushbaby said...

I'll slip Dingo in his carry-on. Wish I was going to Indy too, mostly because I'd just like to say I'm going to Indy. It just sounds good. Of course I'm also eager to meet his many good friends down in the Lower 48. All in good time, I guess. Cheers to you.

KD said...

very freakin' cute

AKbushbaby said...

I have a Chia Shrek. Wait. Guns bad. That's all I'm saying.