Tuesday, January 02, 2007

12 more bundles of joy

They have arrived. The dogs that is. So now in our yard we have 20 sled dogs. I feel like a real musher now. Two buckets of food each day, two buckets of crap, fixing houses, fixing lines, canoodling...it's a big chunk of the day. This morning I got out on the sled...finally! Sam helped me hook up and we left right from the yard. Because there still isn't a whole lot of snow I started small. Just a little four-dog micro team. It's really not as fun with that few dogs, but I really had no idea what I was in for. I had never been on these trails before and heard they were pretty bumpy. There was some fresh snow, which made for slow going, but it was fun and dogs got a good workout. I got turned around a couple times and had no idea where I was or which direction I was heading. The trails are directional and I knew a couple times I was going the wrong way on a one-way path. Meh. The worst that could happen is that I have to head-on pass another team and I would get yelled at. I was prepared for that but we saw no one out there and no signs that anyone had been out that far. Tomorrow I'm going to load up six or eight dogs and drive to the trail head so I can start from the beginning and get my bearings. The new dogs have settled in nicely with exception of one big boy named Hawking. Sam calls him Squawkin' Hawkin' because he whines all night long for some reason or another. Usually it's because he's tipped his house over. Last night I got up twice and stumbled down to the dog yard to see what he was yelling about. I'm sure he'll calm down eventually.

So. My new additions are: Gretzky, Pikea, Serena, Hawking, Magnus, Boo, Puck, Maggie, Wylie, Sorlie, Jordan and Wie. Yes, there is a sports' theme to some of these dogs' names. Anyway, tomorrow I'll take out another team, start from the musher's hall and try to find my way home. If I don't post in a couple days, I'm still out there...call for help.
Photos of the new ones are on the way.


sugartimebaker said...

The birth canal is also a one-way street, but I managed to deliver you right side up. Somehow you managed to follow your instincts even back then. Stay safe on the trails (by the by, those hot packs DO work!) x0

... and there sat Sam, sitting cool and calm...

Anonymous said...

Cats are way easier.
D & N

AKbushbaby said...

Ok. Mum. All I have to say is: Wha? I have no idea what any of this means. Have you, by chance, been eating your makeup?
D & N: I know. But it would take so many cats to pull me around. At least 50. And finding tiny cat harnesses and booties might be difficult. The dogs are good. They were, however, up again in the middle of the night. Sigh. The drama continues.

sugartimebaker said...

Makeup mm-m-m-m- yum.
f.y.i. the first 2 sentences are a compliment to you - meaning .... from the day you were born you always managed to find the right path, beginning with turning yourself head first down the birth canal. I believe you made reference in your blog to going the wrong way on the trail. Instinctively, you will always find the right path dear. Youth!!

The hot packs which we thought were duds from GT do work - you were right, tha-a-a-t's right - you were right ... they need air to generate heat.

and the last sentence? God bless America woman, have you forgotten the words to Robert Service already?

Mere xo

Anonymous said...

Bob Service was a crooked politician in Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

Don't know how politically crooked Bob Service from Kansas City was but Robert Service was a people's poet - Anonymous are you sure you don't mean Bob Dole from Kansas?