Monday, January 29, 2007

Get outta my team Phil Joy!

I did not freak out on the waitress at Boston's. Believe me, I have freaked out on service people in my life and this was not one of those times. I will not return to that crappy, jock-filled, chain restaurant/lame bar in my life. LAME! Photos and stories from our trip to the White Mountains yesterday. Me on a dog team and Sam my moose-scarer-awayer on a snowmachine.
Stay tuned.
Oh yeah, the waitress who said I freaked out is Sam's new photo intern. Oops. I was in a hurry, she couldn't figure out how to take the green paper stuff I was giving her and give me some more green paper stuff back. Not my problem. I asked her to hurry up because my husband had run out of gas and was sitting in the cold waiting for me to come to the rescue. She got all squirrely and I didn't tip her. There. Does that sound like a freak out? No. There was no foul language and I'm 99 per cent sure I didn't even raise my voice except over all the jocks chanting at their favourite (random sport) team on the big screen. Yuck.

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