Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Assume nothing, you silly twit!

Ok. So, here's my very best SJP impression with an Alaskan twist:

In life, we make choices every day. And as we mush down this twisted trail, there are many obstacles to avoid. There are forks in the road and, on occasion, we choose the right path, but sometimes we take the wrong way and are stuck traveling over thin ice. Once in a while, you can turn the team around and get back on the right track, but only if you're a little lucky (ducky). So as I try to slow down around the sharp corners, I can't help but wonder: did I leave the oven on?

Ta da! Thank you, thank you. Now. Down to business. The reason for this post.

WANTED: A handler for the Chatanika Challenge March 9 and 10.
You must be kind, you must be witty
Very smart and fairly pretty... that's not right.
So, I do need a handler. Basically someone at the start and finish with the dog truck. Moral support would be nice too as this will be my first distance race and I'll be scared out of my mind. It doesn't pay anything except my undying gratitude because I can't really do it without a little help.
Pass it on and email me if you're interested. For friends on the Outside, if you were thinking about coming to Alaska for a visit...March would be a lovely time...wink.

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