Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sam's bringin' sexy back

I finished my second race today and bettered my time by 11 minutes. I came third. The winning team had 16 dogs! (nuts) I had nine. The trail is getting a little crazy because we haven't had any more snow but there has been a lot of dog traffic on it so the corners are more slippery and the bare spots are even more bare. I almost bit it around a few corners today but managed to stay upright. I had Sister and Hazel in lead but switched Hazel for Wie about half way through. I also ran Serena, Sorlie, Pikea, Puck, Wylie and Magnus.
So here's a run-down of my pre-race routine sans all the gory anxiety-caused trips to the bathroom. Enjoy!
Wake up. Drink coffee. Smoke a cigarette. Give the dogs their breakfast. Tell Sam I can't eat any of the lovely quiche he made until after the race. Drink coffee. Go over which dogs I'll take. Change the team. Ask Sam what he thinks. Change the team. Bull's in. Bull's out. I need Bull tomorrow but he really, really wants to go today. Bull's in. No. He'll get too tired and he's too slow. Bull's out. Fill a cooler with meat broth for the dogs to drink after the race. Get dressed for the race: long johns, synthetic socks, fleece socks, synthetic undershirt, fleece pullover, wool coat, insulated bib overalls, down parka, big arctic boots, balaclava, wool toque, neck gaiter, wrist gaiters, synthetic gloves and wool gloves. Now I have to pee again. Load the dogs in the dog truck. Drive to the racetrack. Sign in and get my bib. Unload the sled and dogs. Talk to whoever is around or whoever will listen. Talk. Talk. Talk. Gab. Harness the dogs. Hook up the dogs to the sled. Try not to fall off while bringing the team to the start chute. Deep breath in. Three, two, one...Go! And we're off. Flying down the trail past photographers and other gawkers. 'On by, Hazel. Good girl!'
So that's about it. We saw a moose on the trail today. I couldn't see very well and at first I thought it was a person so I didn't slow down. Then I saw it start running down the trail away from us and I slammed on the brakes. For the last several miles I was forced to scare away any other wayward moose by singing 'I'm brining sexy back' by Justin Timberlake which of course, I don't know the words to so I made them up. Next race is in two weeks but it's just a 35-mile fun run. Actually, it's passenger race, so I need a passenger. Anyone interested? Let me know. Sam didn't bring his camera today, so no photos.
Sexy out.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sexy but can I tag along as your passenger?

Anonymous said...

You should stop smoking.

Anonymous said...

I suggest reading a book by Lanny Bassham it's called With Winning in Mind -
"With Winning in Mind is Olympic Gold Medalist Lanny Bassham's system for mental training for competition in sport and business. It contains the most powerful tools used by Olympic Champions to win under stress."
Might help with some of the pre-race jitters....

Jeff in KC