Friday, January 12, 2007

I'm sailing away...from a moose

Hey y'all! Oh, man. I actually just typed y'all. I just did it again! Have I lived in 'Merica too long already? Anyway, where did we last leave off? Oh yeah. So this week it dropped to 44 below zero and therefore I did not take the dogs out. It's just not worth the potential injuries to the dogs when it's that cold and, let's face it, being outside for hours in that bitter temperatures is not fun for anyone, especially the thin-coated dogs who have a tendency to get frostbite on their, er, twigs and berries. So we sat around and complained about how cold it was. I fed the dogs more often and started giving them turkey skins and fish oil in their daily meals to ward off the effects of the cold. Even though they were sitting for several days, they were still losing weight and we just can't have that, so it was fat, fat and more fat for the dogs. Finally, today we got back on the trail. Ken and Gwen's current handler, Forrest, met me at the track and we ran two teams 20 miles. He took my second string and though he can be a bit of a D-bag at times (who can't?) he did a great job today. So all the dogs were run and I really appreciated his help. Bull and Wie ran in lead for me and did an amazing job, even with all the traffic (skiers, walkers, mushers, skijorers) on the trail. We came across one moose but she wasn't interested in sticking around to see what the crazy girl (me) on the dog sled was screeching about. After that, I sang at the top of my lungs to warn anything else up ahead that we were approaching. Mostly I made up lyrics to the tune I'm Sailing Away by Styx. It went something like this...ahem...'I'm SAILING away...but I don't know the words to this I'll just say stay away from me you big, dumb moose...' And so on and so forth. At one point I came winging around a corner and a group of skiers had stopped on the trail because they heard me coming. They tried not to burst out laughing when they saw me, mid-belt, singing on the sled. I tried to tell them it was the moose, the moose are making me sing, but then we were gone, whizzing past them. I guess you can tell by now that I did not go to the Copper Basin with Ken. He withdrew a couple days ago and opted instead to compete in the 200-mile Cantwell Classic, so I stayed home. Sunday we will race another 20-mile event and I hope we can better our time from last week. We'll see. Time for bed.

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Anonymous said...

"...frostbite on their, er, twigs and berries..."

HA HA HA that's great. I suppose our "fenceposts and watermelons" would turn into twigs and berries at forty below.

D & N, two warm & manly men !!