Thursday, February 01, 2007

Me against the world

Well, well, well. You know, I've freelanced for a few years now, but never for a wire service, so seeing my work all over the place on the internet and in print is pretty damn cool. CNN and MSNBC picked up the story on the Japanese tourists and used my aurora photo. It was also in the Anchorage Daily News and on the front page of the News-Miner today. Sweet. Life is good. Well, maybe not for Ruffles. Parker attacked Ruffles today when I had the dogs loose before heading out for a run. I heard the scuffle in the woods and by the time I got there, Ruffles (who's at least 13)was on her back with her face ripped open. I quickly put the dogs away and brought Ruffles inside to survey the damage. I cleaned the wound and got out the tools to stitch her up, but it was half her face and really close to her eye so at the last minute I opted to call my vet. I brought Ruffles over and she was knocked out, sewn up and wobbling around in the matter of one hour. I got scolded for attempting to sew her up myself. What? I've seen worse, I told the vet. She wasn't impressed. Lesson learned. Not sure what I'm going to do with Parker. She's getting agressive with mama Ruffles more and more. I think I might have Ruffles as an inside/loose dog from now on.
So I didn't run the dogs today because of the trip to ER, but tomorrow. Oh yeah, Ken wanted to run the yearlings that I've been training just to see how they're shaping up. He liked them so much, he took them back so he can race them. Now I only have three of his (I had 12) and five (running dogs) of my own. So I still have an eight-dog team but I need 10 for that race in March and he said he might want those last three back too. I kind of thought this might happen. So, I spoke with Quest musher Greg Parvin today (he was at the vet, too) and he said he a few dogs that didn't make his Quest team but are very runnable that I could use until March. They're village dogs, so they huge, but that's ok. I just want dogs to run. And dogs that I can give back when the snow's gone? Even better.
Ruffles just fell off the couch...she's still a little out of it. Gotta go!


Anonymous said...

Poor Ruffles :( Well looks like Bull has a "coucn-mate".
You must be proud of the work you did with your yearlings if they're race-ready!! Any chance the folks at home can get a copy of the News-Miner front page/story? There's a surprise on the way in the mail. Mere

Anonymous said...

sory about ruffles. i love your blog jilly i look for it every day and i hope hazel is behaving herself Gran.