Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Me so black

Ok. The Quest has started and is actually nearly half over. With hard and fast trails, the teams are moving along at a record-setting pace. Read more at yukonquest.com
I will join the race on Sunday in Circle and cover it until the finish in Fairbanks a few days later. I really want to be out on the trail now.
Tomorrow I'm taking friend Becky and her mom who is visiting from Outside for a little dog sled ride. Should be fun. Entertaining to say the very least.
Sam and I took a swing dance lesson last week. Just one. Neither of us are very good. Sam was a little slow and I just wanted to bop along to the music without all the stupid steps. The whole thing was actually a little creepy. I think it was a singles hangout for middle-aged divorced folk.
What else? There was something else. My friend Sami who I worked with in Finland was doing the Quest 300 but was disqualified after bringing in two injured dogs on top of his sled instead of in the sled. It was dangerous and stupid and it cost him the race.
Sam and I met some friends at the folk festival on Saturday. Our friend Steve was playing. It was nice. They had beer so at least I didn't have to lose my buzz, which is more than I can say for the swing dancing.
Dogs are good. Weather's good. Sam and I are great.
Hope everyone out there is good. Good luck with the booty hunt!
Peace out.

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Anonymous said...

Move on to the Tango or some upbeat Salsa with an expensive suit for Sam and a sexy, slinky dress for you and it will all make sense. Just imagine the moves with the orchestra playing "Garota de Ipanema"
Go cut a rug!
D & N