Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Make a point to make no sense

So. Quest preparations with the CBC are underway. I've got the numbers to call and a general idea of what they're looking for. I'll be on the radio at 7:15 a.m. and 4:50 p.m. Yukon time. (That's an hour earlier for me here in Alaska...gulp) I've been practicing my sultry radio voice. I tested it out on one of the producers today and he laughed...not sure if that's good or bad.
What else? I got a gig writing pre-Iditarod stories for the Anchorage Daily News. Very cool. And I'm working on a book review for Mushing Magazine. I've already read the book because, well, I've read just about everything that has to do with dog mushing. This is one of those 'I-started-with-nothing-and-finished-the-Iditarod' books, which are getting very tired, but this one was a bit different in that the woman who did it was absolutely terrified and fell off all the time (sound familiar?) and she finished it anyway. So it was a little inspiring for me. That's why I liked it.
Ruffles is hangin' in there. I had the dogs loose yesterday and Parker and Ruffles were fine together. Gwen suggested I tie the pups out instead of having them loose in a pen because they're getting a little wild but they play constantly and I really don't want them on chains. I removed the old-lady factory (Ruffles) so now they have no one to beat up but each other. Raven and Strider are also in the pen, but they won't tolerate much in the way of abuse from the pups. Eventually I want all my dogs in one giant enclosure, but that might get a little out of hand as Hazel tends to be a bit of a troublemaker.
It's warm here, still about minus 15 C in the mornings and hovering around five below in the afternoons. It's good weather for me to run dogs but still a little too warm for the dogs' liking. And yet we manage to trudge on.
Sam volunteered us to baby-sit a friend's toy poodle for a couple weeks so Frosty is now in the mix. He's weird and ugly and he stinks (Frosty, not Sam). He mostly sits in the corner and stares with his little bug eyes (Again, Frosty, not Sam). When he's not in the corner, he's just trying not to get stepped on. Ruffles has sat on him twice and Bull, well, Bull bulled right over him a couple nights ago. He's coping though. Sam took him to work today, because I don't have much patience for his incessant whining (Frosty's, not Sam's).
Ok, I think that's all. We're going for a run.
Oh yeah, check out www.ap.org/alaska/ my aurora photo won top feature photo for the month of January in Alaska.
Here's a snapshot of Ruffles, Bull and Frosty chillin'...pun intended.


Anonymous said...

Suggest a different track with your article, one that incorporates your new found interest in hand guns. Instead of "...those 'I-started-with-nothing-and-finished-the-Iditarod' books..." direct the tack to "...I finished the Iditarod and learned to like pistols!..." It would open a whole new freelance arena in, say "GUNS & AMMO." Just imagine, "I gently placed the magnum into Ruffles ear and the tears were streaming down my face, then went out and started a race..." WAIT! It's a poem!
It looks like that little fluffy white thing on your futon is crying. Must be sad to be so small tiny in a farm full of marathoners.
Keep up the good work.
D & N

Anonymous said...

Frosty looks very familiar to me, and most likely, especially to Sam. Is this a ghost from xmas past (and Sam's childhood)?

Is that Pookie's ghost? Sorry Sam, I couldn't resist.