Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I saw her on a beach of weathered sand

Today I took Becky and her mum, who is visiting from Michigan, on a dog sled ride. Fun was had by all and the dogs did really well. I wasn't sure how they'd react coming into the finish and then getting turned around and going out again with a different passenger, but they were all eager to go out a second time. Sam and I have boycotted Valentine's Day. It's a stupid made-up holiday for suckers. No offense to those who celebrate it. I hope all your flowery, chocolate, heart-shaped dreams come true.
Here's a pic that Sam took of Bully, the fearless leader, eager to get on the trail. The dogs jump and lunge while waiting to take off. He may like the couch, that Bull, but he's no potato. That's me getting ready at the sled and Becky in the sled.

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Anonymous said...

To Sam and Jillian!
Happy Valentine's Day from all of us in the home of Hallmark, inventors of Mother's and Father's Day, Christmas, Easter, Ramadan, any other weird world religional celebrations. and of course the day of hearts! I guess we'll have to eat those goddamn chocolates we were going to send up north! Yum
We wish you love and peace! And hope to see you again soon......

D & N