Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My doppelganger is nobody's business!

So said Meg when I told her that her doppelganger was Dr. Phil.
Here are some musings from the past 24 hours:
Do they make adult diapers for dogs?
I guess it Depends...
Ruffles had a little 'accident' in the kitchen last night. I'm not sure if it's because she's old or if she's mad because I've been shoving pills down her gullet three times a day.
I hit the Alaska Coffee Roasters Co. two days ago. I don't mean 'I hit the coffee shop for a latte.' I mean I HIT THE COFFEE SHOP. The building. I hit the building with my truck. Needless to say it was slippery. No damage to building or vehicle.
I helped Ken with his Iditarod drop bags (bags that are sent out to the checkpoints containing food and supplies for the dogs and the mushers) by folding up 1,600 dog booties. It only took a few hours. I did it while I watched the first four episodes of Lost. Does anybody watch that show? I never got into it because we don't really have TV so I rented it on DVD. Anyway, what the hell is in the woods? A dinosaur? What is it? Wait. No, I don't want to know. Don't tell me. Ok. What is it? What's up with the polar bear. What did that girl do that was so bad?
Forget it.
I'm looking forward to the Quest, though I wish now that I had made arrangements to cover it from the start. This will be the first year in six that I haven't been at the start of the race. I hate not being on the trail.
Got an email from dear friend Trisha in Ghana. Things are going well for her and Graeme there. Oh. Except that Graeme may have accidentally given Trisha to a village chief as an offering. Oops. Check out their blog at
That's it for now. Dogs are good. Sam's good. I'm good. Frosty stinks.


Anonymous said...

You are so funny .... must get it
from 'meh'.

Lost is so lost - forget it - pick up a channel with re-runs of Northern Exposure - the best show on earth - or buy boxed sets beginning with season 3 and 4 - season 1 and 2 are short and $$$ - they stink Frosty.

Mere xo

Anonymous said...

one latte please - shaken not stirred

Anonymous said...

See my comment about Frosty in the previous post.

Hey Jillian, I have asked Sam a couple of times in emails about dog booties and he has failed to respond. I don't have your email address, so I'll ask you here.

Where do you get them? Do you have any brand that you highly recommend? Our beast needs some because she is finicky about the snow between her paws even though she loves to play in it.



PS: Love reading the blog.

AKbushbaby said...

I use cordura booties made by Kipmik but in your case I think fleece booties from a local pet store will definitely suffice. I can send you some if you want, though. And yes, Frosty does look like Pookie, apparently. But don't all toy poodles look the same anyway? I'm sure little Pooks didn't stink nearly as bad as Frosty.

kim said...


If you still need handlers for Chatanika, my wife and I will be happy to help.

Kim...friend of Bob and Hagen.
488-7017 or

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the bootie advice. I'll pass it on to the Boss. I don't recall Pookie smelling. Maybe Frosty needs a bath or a change in diet.

Anonymous said...

I need some BOOT-AY advice too!
D of D & N

Anonymous said...

Judging from the Quest trail heading out of Pelly, they do not make diapers for dogs. The is the crappiest (literally) I have seen in a while.

Dog poop super highway

John Hagen