Thursday, March 29, 2007

Smoking increases bone density

So. Here I am in Seattle. Nice place. I stayed at friend Lisa's last night and walked all over the city today. Let's see, I went to the aquarium (not that great), the Space Needle (sadly, Dr. Evil doesn't live there), the Pacific Science Centre (too many kids to push out of the way so I could try all the interactive demonstrations), Pike's Market (very cool)...and lots of cool shops. I walked from the market place along the water to Seattle Centre where the needle is. There is a new outdoor sculpture park which is very cool. I also bought some gummy bears. And I got a tarot card reading. Apparently, I'm oppressed and need to make some big decisions in two months to which I need not explain the outcome to anyone. Needless to say it was very vague and quite awkward. She said I need to be more of a warrior and then asked me what I think that means...I said 'isn't that what I'm paying you for?' I liked her sparkly eye shadow. I talked to a lot of random people. The first woman was a seemly nice, older woman with long, white hair. She asked where I was from and we talked idly for a minute. Then, a man walked by us and, well, let's just say I got a little nervous. So, the guy walks by and woman looks at me and says (I'm not kidding here) "F##kin' Mr. Lee Press-on Nails. Who the f##k does he think he is? He thinks his f##kin' s##t don't stink. F##king ugly motherf##ker!' Then the guy came back. They had a little swearing match then both looked at me like they wanted me to weigh in. My mouth still open in shock, I spun on my heel and got the f##k outta there. I went over to the market and asked one of the guys at one of the many fresh fish stands if they could toss a fish so I could take a picture. They did and then played a little trick on me. Long story short, their trick resulted in me spilling my coffee down the front of me, screaming like a child and subsequently being red-faced for about 20 minutes afterward. I made a friend named Debo who offered to be my personal tour guide for the day. (I politely declined and got the F out of there, too.) I got a free espresso from a girl who moved to Seattle recently from Alaska. (She was selling coffee at a shop, not just handing it out on the street.) I didn't buy anything except the gummy bears. I just wasn't in the mood to shop, plus I spent a whack of cash seeing the tourist sights. I didn't get to the zoo or Safeco Field. Next time. I'm looking forward to getting home although I have two articles due by Sunday and I haven't started either least I haven't been sleepless in Seattle so I feel well rested. Peace.

Random girl buying friend. The smells at the market were incredible.
I think I should get this sign for my...nevermind...
A sea otter having breakfast.
Truman, the Spanish-speaking dog. (Apparently he can drive, too)

My favourite kind of fry...salmon!


Anonymous said...

Pike's Place is pretty kickin' lotsa fish flinging and all. It is right above the Alaska Way Viaduct. My favorite place, the Alaska USA Federal Credit Union. JH

Anonymous said...

WHERE ARE YOU?! Lost and sleepless in Seattle? mf

AKbushbaby said...

CALM DOWN! I decided to stay and and head into the mountains with Lisa and friends to go snowboarding. I will be home early Sunday morning.

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Anonymous said...

There are plenty of fruity friends to be had in the city of Seattle. Hope you'll come back soon Jill, it was a blast having you as a guest!